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Legacy code revisited

I have asked "what is legacy code?" and the answers I got could be broken down into two categories: 1. some measure of age, and 2. some measure of maintainability because of maintenance.

The code I am working on definitely falls into the second category. The codebase was started around 2005, so any reference to age can be ignored. However the initial design was not thought through at all, therefore all the code added since then has been patched onto the existing codebase. Refactoring is common because of the high maintenance costs. 

This is what I have to work with. It is a fun product, and I hope that there are better corners of the code to peek into, but until I see that the code I currently work on falls into category #2 above.

Perl Legacy Code

What does Legacy code mean? My new co-worker says that we are working on legacy code, while my new boss says that all the code is not legacy since it has all been written in the past few years. As I have been in the codebase for two full days now I tend to agree with my co-worker.

So I ask you: In three sentences or less, what makes code "legacy" to you?

Until later?

Moving along in a Programming career

Today was my last day at the University of Minnesota. When is the right time to move from one position to another? You might look as some type of logic like the rule of threes. I tend to agree that if you are not getting new responsibilities or moving around every 3-5 years, you are probably not learning and growing in your position like you could.

Since I started at the University ten years ago, every piece of my various positions and tasks were important in getting this new position. I am looking forward to the challenge of applying all the different skills I have acquired over the past ten years. 

I will start actually writing real perl entries next week, but in the mean time, when you are stuck with the crappy project that you just might be resume building.

After blogging every week for eight months I find that I have to work to come up with a topic. last week I nearly missed my deadline, because nothing new related to Perl happened to me.

How do you guys come up with new topics to write about after 30-40 entries?

I will probably write soon about passing projects along as I have changed jobs and will no longer be at the University of Minnesota.

Let me know what inspires you to write new entries

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