Perl is still great, I just have little else to talk about

After blogging every week for eight months I find that I have to work to come up with a topic. last week I nearly missed my deadline, because nothing new related to Perl happened to me.

How do you guys come up with new topics to write about after 30-40 entries?

I will probably write soon about passing projects along as I have changed jobs and will no longer be at the University of Minnesota.

Let me know what inspires you to write new entries


I've only just started on the Iron Man challenge, but I'm not a natural born blogger so finding the inspiration and motivation to post doesn't come that easily to me.

I almost missed my last "deadline" - apart from some pretty heavy Catalyst app hacking (may have a go-live this week on a site with about half a million daily page views - I think I should be sorted for a topic for next week!) things have pretty much been coasting along for me as well.

I've found myself living in a comfort-zone for a while, and I've been actively trying to break out of it, so I've started a new pet project of mine in C++. How could that possibly be Perl related? It's caused me to re-examine my relationship with strings and regular expressions, and as a result I'm coming to the conclusion that living in an almost exclusively Perl monoculture has actually hurt the quality of my Perl code.

So, I've found some inspiration for writing about my own Perl work by not actually doing anything new in Perl, but trying something new and reflecting on my existing Perl work. Even if you come to the conclusion that you're actually doing the "right" thing, by writing about why you think you're doing the "right" thing you could provide pointers to other people who may be in a similar situation, or you might get someone come along and show you a different (maybe better?) way of doing things - and if there's one thing I've learned from hanging around on #catalyst, it's that everything I know is wrong. :)

Write about things that you would like to see fixed in perl.

What do you think about:
-- perl build chain tools
-- perl/SDL
-- perl/Moose
-- perl/Padre
-- perl/Local::lib

What do you want to see that is not there?

How does perl compare with:
-- Ruby
-- Python
-- Scala
-- Scheme

This is what my development environment looks like...

Let me know if you need more.

Many times other people's posts inspire me about related topics.

Having to blog roughly every week also forces me to think more about Perl and problems/issues/projects surrounding it. I love it. Maybe that's because I have low conscientiousness score and need discipline :-)

Make a web development tutorial series aimed for(newbie), like thus idiot guide stuff, but using modern Perl technologies(catalyst,dancer/dbix).

You're probably just in a slump after Frozen Perl. Don't worry about it, keep blogging and you'll get inspired again.

I tend to have too many little projects going on so there's no shortage of things I could write about, but I do have weeks where I haven't touched Perl. Sometimes I just write about that. Sometimes I write about what I wish I could be working on.

If you're desperate for a topic, you could look at the CPAN recent uploads feed and do a short write up of any that sound interesting.

-- dagolden

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