Perl Legacy Code

What does Legacy code mean? My new co-worker says that we are working on legacy code, while my new boss says that all the code is not legacy since it has all been written in the past few years. As I have been in the codebase for two full days now I tend to agree with my co-worker.

So I ask you: In three sentences or less, what makes code "legacy" to you?

Until later?


For me Legacy code is basically "code I would like to re-write". This is either because it was poorly implemented or poorly designed in the first place, often times due to tight deadlines or vague and confusing specs. Or, as is more often the case, because what was once a clean implemented and sanely designed codebase has turned in a horror-show over $n years of hastily written enhancements and poorly thought out patches.

At $work we still maintain (and extend/enhance) many of our deployed applications, the oldest right now being over 8 years old. There really is nothing more humbling then having to go back to your 8+ year old code and make changes.

I work with code I consider legacy: code that is older than I am. Most of the code I consider legacy is code that has outgrown its original purpose, has been rewritten multiple times, or has become unreasonably expensive to maintain.

Generally speaking, if you find yourself inflating your estimates because you fear the lurking dragons in the code, then it's probably legacy. Being 5 years old doesn't necessarily make it legacy (I actively maintain code that I wrote new 5 years ago and hasn't outgrown it's purpose yet).


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