Rule of threes

The Rule of threes has been an interesting set of rules for my life lately. Having just moved positions from The University where I had been in the position for three years, to the new job where I have now been for three weeks.

I am now qualified to draw conclusions about my new workmates as I have been with them for three weeks. So far this is what i think:

The perl code is not too bad. It was written with the intent of being readable. They have coding standards and they follow them. I may not agree with everything they standardized, but I follow them. I would much rather follow a standard I didn't agree with, than to have no standards at all. The code has a bit of tangle, but still not too bad.

The work ethic -- I am not really qualified to comment to much yet. I have noticed that they come in late, but they stay late too, so still not bad, just now how *I* operate. That's ok.

The organization of the work is really nice. I am being given single tickets in groups of three or four to work on. This is the first job that had a ticketing system that we actually used. Because of this, I am finding myself much more focused, and not distracted by the other tasks that need to get done. IE: do the current ticket *THEN* move on and work on that other problem.

The management is OK. My direct manager is a "get it done" person, which is probably why we have the ticketing system. He also wasn't with the project from the start, and therefore I believe that he would do some things very differently than the former VP of Engineering (You have probably heard of the former VP of engineering and his infamous worm)

I might not be able to keep this journal past this week as I am no longer employed by, but because I was a student, I might be able to keep the blog. we will see.

If I am unable to continue on this blog, I will move to Otherwise I will stay here.

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