Sorting interview question

I have been busy with my new position, so I haven't been able to put as much time and thought into my blog posts.

I have question that was asked of me on my job interview:

You have an array of items, each element matches the following pattern:
You want to sort the array both alphabetically and numerically:

ie 'abc123' comes after 'abc2' because 2<123 when compared numerically.

How would you do this?

Can you do it in one line code? Mine wasn't but I still got the job, However I have seen it in one line of code.


my @sorted = map  { $_->[0] }
             sort { $a->[2] cmp $b->[2] } 
             sort { $a->[3]  $b->[3] } 
             map  {[$_, split(/^([a-zA-Z]+)([0-9]+)/) ] } @list;

Just a stab at it. My limited test seemed to work.

Brain's tired so I haven't thought about why the second index is empty...maybe I'll think about it tomorrow...or not.

I suspect someone could golf this, but:

my @sorted = sort { ( ($a, $b) =~ s/\d*// && $a cmp $b ) || ( ($a, $b) =~ s/[^\d]*// && $a <=> $b) } @unsorted;

I tested this with the following one-liner:

$perl -E'say for sort { ( ($a, $b) =~ s/\d*// && $a cmp $b ) || ( ($a, $b) =~ s/[^\d]*// && $a <=> $b) } @ARGV' -- abc123 abc2 aa1 az0 aa2

my oneliner:

sort { sub { $_[0] cmp $_[2] or $_[1] <=> $_[3] }->( map /^([a-zA-Z]+)([0-9]+)$/,($a,$b) ) } @arr;

Chris Prather, your example in not so right

($a,$b) =~ s/// works like $b =~ s///

and i found THE BEST SOLUTION for this question:

sort { $a cmp $b or $a <=> $b } @unsorted

TA DA!!!!

use Sort::Naturally qw(nsort);
nsort @list;

You can join that to a single line if you feel like...

> and i found THE BEST SOLUTION for this question:
> sort { $a cmp $b or $a $b } @unsorted
> TA DA!!!!

I was wrong, $a $b never happens.

Right values to test is 'a1' and 'a02'

I think this just is all sorts of win (no pun intended).

Okay so lemme update a bit, this combines basically everything people have had. It's longer than the sort { sub {...}->(map // $a,$b) } but I think a bit clearer.

@sorted =
map { local $"; "@$_" }
sort { $$a[0] cmp $$b[0] or $$a[1] <=> $b[1] }
map { [/(\w+)(\d+)/] }

Or in one-liner for the command line

$perl -E'say for map { local $"; "@$_" } sort { $$a[0] cmp $$b[0] or $$a[1] <=> $$b[1] } map { [/(\w+)(\d+)/] } @ARGV' -- a13 aa03 a1 aa2 a02

I like the Sort::Natural solution best though :)

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