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Has anyone here had to make a major code quality sacrifice to meet a deadline or get code working under pressure? How many of you had a chance to go back and fix that code before passing the code to someone else?

In the past six weeks I have been on both sides of the table. I hope to be able to say that most of the code I passed along isn't too bad, and the dragons in it are well known. I also should point out that the dragons are not too bad in the code I am now working on. 

In either case, write good code now since you might not ever get a chance to go back to it again. 

The best ways to do this are to adopt coding standards and start following them. Do not switch from project to project, but keep them consistent. Adopt a set of rules for Perl::Tidy and Perl::Critic. If you do this you will be well on your way to writing code that is readable to the poor  saps that inherit your code base. 

And in the end, Karma might decide to give you a well maintained codebase too.

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