Good procedural programming

Am I allowed to complain a bit here? it's my blog and so I feel I am allowed to complain a bit.

However with my complaining I will provide a solution that would solve the problem.

So, my problem I am having is this: I am working on a large ball of spaghetti, and I am coming across sub names that are similar to the following: create_user, do_updates_on_primary, etc...

My complaint is this: all of the subroutines take in two variables (sometimes a $dbh, and other setup vars), and then do their work. The two variable names that they always take in: $vars and $q. $vars is a large hash, and $q is exactly what you would expect when in a cgi environment.

These subroutines then use $q and $vars to determine exactly how it should work, and then they do their jobs, including pulling the data out of $q. Instead before calling these functions, there should be a bit of setup ie $user = { attrib1 => $q->param('asdf') }; and then: create_user($user).

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