C programmers

While I have nothing against C, or C developers, it hurts to program in a Perl App, when a C developer has been present:

if ( exists $self->[kCLASS_NDX]->{$class} )
at the top of the file there are a bunch of constants declared, instead of some oo:
if ( exists $self->class_index($class))
Or even just using perl constructs::
if ( exists $self->{'kCLASS_NDX'}->{$class} )

That really is the same thing as they wanted to begin with isn't it? It just hurts to look at this code.


I don't know about other C programmers, but I am sorry we hurt you. May I offer you an hug? Also I will personally try to cut my C-ism. :D

but... but... arrays are FASTA!

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