Frozen Perl 2012

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If I had had the time this last summer, I would be neck deep in Frozen Perl 2012 right now.

I am sorry to those of you who were looking forward to FP2012, but given circumstances in my life this last summer, I was not able to give the workshop the planning time it needed. If I had managed to cobble something together, it would have been terrible and disorganized. Additionally, I would have had enormous amounts of stress that I wouldn't have been able to handle.

So here is my apology, and a call for FP 2013.

If you are interested in helping put together FP2013, I would like to help and share my experience, but I will not be able to be the charge person. Its better to admit that up front than to pretend otherwise and fail miserably when I cannot follow through on my promises.

If you are interested in helping, please comment below, email me directly, (My first name), or get ahold of me some other way.

I hope you all have a good weekend,


1 Comment

So the workshop didnt take place? Thats too bad, sorry to hear that. However, I wish you the best of luck for Frozen Perl 2013. Hope you employ a good team, which will do a great job!

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