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If you ever wanted to consider some bad@$$ programmers consider the developers that wrote the software for the apollo guidance computer.

I recently found a claim that my new favorite microcontroller is faster than the Apollo computers.

It turns out they are not lying. The arduino runs at 8 or 16 MHZ, which is faster than apollo's 2.048 MHZ.

However I got to thinking, what are the differences between the two?


Arduino VS Apollo Guidance Computer
2K vs 4K
ROM:(flash on Arduino)
32K vs 72K
16MHZ vs 2MHZ

The Arduino is only better in the speed department than the apollo computers. The Arduino falls short in both RAM and ROM by about 1/2 the capacity of the Apollo computers.

However I did not compare the BEST arduino's available on the market.

It would scare the pants off of me to try to build a guidance computer with this little processing power. I frequently run out of RAM when reading GPS coordinates, or trying to build a little robot that doesn't run into walls that has a single sensor. The apollo engineers are people who deserve our respect. Landing on the moon was no small task.

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