Delta IV Launch Friday

We got up early so that we could watch the Launch of the Delta 4 rocket that was scheduled for 6:15 am. We were on the beach waiting, and then learned that the rocket was delayed. 
so we waited 25 minutes. 
delayed again. 
We then drove up to dunkin donuts which was closer to the launch pad.
delayed again.
After much waiting, the rocket did launch at 9:15.

It was a bit anticlimactic. It was cool to see, but it was just a plume of smoke with an orange dot at the end. after about 90 seconds, we couldn't see it. We didn't hear it until about two minutes after launch, and didn't stop hearing it intill 6 minutes after launch, which means, we could hear it for much longer than we could see it. I wonder if I would feel differently if I had been closer to the launchpad.

During this time, though we did see the sun rise over the atlantic ocean. Not something us midwesterners can all say we've done. 

We enjoyed another day swimming, and had lunch with Alan Bunch at Max and Porky's. Afterwards we had a quiet afternoon around the house where we cleaned and relaxed. I cooked some steaks, chicken and fish for supper, and then the kids went swimming while I flew my kite on the beach.

We must be up early for the space center tomorrow, so not a lot here at this time.

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