on_airplane.JPGOur trip started out on early Saturday morning when I woke each of our kids to get ready. It was fun, because they each reacted with the same "leave me alone" body language, until I said "It's time to go." then suddenly they would wake up, once they realized it was time to go.

Chris Monge dropped us off at the airport, and we were on our own. It was early, and we had time to kill at the airport, but the kids were so excited to fly, we didn't need to keep them busy.

Seeing Anna look at the ground from 40,000 feet was fun. During the flight I fired up my GPS to determine how fast we were, as well as our altitude. To see the miles click away so fast seemed unreal to Anna.

After we landed, picked up our bags, got our rental car, and got out of the airport, we had a nice dinner at Denny's and then drove the hour to our beach house.

What nice accommodations we have! Everything we need is here, besides our personal affects. there's a pile of sand toys, and body boards for us to use, as well as a fully equipped kitchen. The Patio is wonderful with a gorgeous hammock, a hot tub, and a banana tree that we may eat from, once the bananas are ripe.

After unpacking, we went across the street to the beach where the kids jumped into the ocean and realized that the ocean was salty and were busy wiping the salt water from their eyes.

We were tired on Saturday, so we didn't spend much time on the beach, so we all went back home, watched an episode of star trek, and went peacefully to sleep.


Having a GPS while flying, that's sounds cool. Have not done that... Nice! And I remember those ocean saltwater days for the kids... see any jellyfish?

Have a wonderful time!

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