On Monday we went to the McLarty treasure museum. The kids were all impressed, and IMG_0322.JPGwanted to come back after Tropical storm Debbie left. While we were there, it was rainingand generally miserable outside, but that didn't stop us from looking at the observation deck and seeing the reef that took out one of the 1715 Spanish treasure ships. On our way out, we passed the Sebastion Inlet state park where there was a small wonderful area that was protected from the waves and would be nice to swim in, once the weather clears.

When we arrived back home we walked around our neighborhood, and did some geocaching and we logged two finds at a park really close to our house. Afterwards, we at at Bizzaros Pizza, which offers the most unique pizza by the slice.

We also visited the turtle center  while walking through our neighborhood, before letting the kids swim for a bit, even if the water and waves are rough.

We spent a lot of time watching the weather radar looking for the best place to go to avoid Debbie's 'arms'.

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