purpleDress.JPGOK, so I am playing journal catchup. With a bit of help from my wife:Today was low key, with the Tropical storm pounding the panhandle of Florida. We have been watching the weather, as the 'arms' of the storm reach across florida and rain on us in stripes. I didn't mind so much just going out in the rain, but I think Katie did a little bit, but she didn't mind. She wore her pretty purple dress today and looked beautiful all day.

Today we discovered a cute little place called max & porky's. Maximus was the owners beloved golden retriever who lived with him and his son for 9+ years before dying of lung cancer. There is an entire wall of photos dedicated to the dog, with some great photos. To hear him talk about his dog is heartbreaking.

We did some Geocaching near our house, but didn't find them right away. Its a fun hobby that is simple and cheap and can involve the kids. It was a bit rainy out so we will have to go again later when either it is dry, or we can be prepared to get dirty.

We finished up our day with shelling on the beach. We have already collected more than we should bring home, and its only the first day.

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