Today marks 13 years since I was married to my beloved bride. We re-arranged our visit to Discovery Cove to later in our vacation, and instead we decided to visit the  Brevard Zoo.

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I expected the Brevard Zoo to be small and uninteresting to adults, and therefore, not hold the kid's attention for very long. Boy was I wrong. If the photo looks like I was four feet from the giraffe, its because I was.

We had the opportunity to feed the giraffes, as well as actually entering an exhibit with a number of non-dangerous animals. Via a train.

The train was fun, because half way through, we had to stop and wait for an ostrich to get out of our way, and she had to wait for the camel to move out of her way ... if it sounds complicated, it was. 

The train ride was enjoyable, however the best part of the day (in my opinion) was visiting the aviary. Now, the aviary has a warning, out front, that says that the birds may land on your, and my try to take your shining things etc... I figured someone sued the zoo, so they put up a sign. No, when you entere the aviary with the nectar cup for them to eat, the birds flock to you to land on you, fight for your nectar, screech in your ear, and in general, the birds get very personal. 

It was so much fun feeding the birds while they flew around us, and landed on us. I have video of the initial experience, including birds landing on my head. It is an experience that I will remember for a long time to come.

The zoo also had a small park area with an 18" deep wading pool and some other attractions oriented towards younger kids. It had been raining on and off all day (20 minutes on, 20 minutes off), but the rains were getting more intense as the afternoon went on. We saw the last bits of the zoo, but then we wanted to get home, so that if the weather got bad, we wouldn't be driving in the worst of it. As it turns out, the weather wasn't bad at all, we just had some rain to deal with, but otherwise it wasn't so bad.

Once we got home, the kids swam in the ocean yet again, and then after rinsing them off, we went into the hottub, and finally to bed after a long, but good day.

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