This morning, we all slept in a bit, and I felt that we had to get out of the house, and go for a walk or something, even if it was raining. I found a Geocache that was about half a mile from our house (yes there are a lot near our house). This one was in the middle of a residential area, and interestingly enough, my wife saw it before we started looking, but thought it was a moth trap, so didn't tell anyone. When she asked me if that could be it, I looked up and said, 
"yes, but I can't get it". As a result, she climbed the tree, I signed the log, and Noah left one of the shark teeth he bought the day before at a small souvenir shell shop. We walked back to our neighborhood had lunch at Max and Porky's. What a unique little restaurant. We love the stories of his dog.

We also stopped at Java Surf where we have been getting slushies from. Let me tell you about their unique flavors. I try a different one every time, and only once didn't like what I had.

The rain was leaving today, and most of the day we had good patches of sunshine. however the surf was still very high and slightly dangerous. Both Noah and I got knocked around a bit, and I have the scars to prove it.

We lit the grill tonight had some burgers and had a quiet evening.

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