another beach day

First off, last night we saw a loggerhead turtle on the beach. She was huge. We kinda scared her back into the ocean, but that's ok, she will come back, as we didn't get anywhere close to her.

Anna has been getting a cough that is worse and worse, and started complaining of an earache, so today I took her to an urgent care clinic just up the road.
After much poking and prodding she has:
Swimmer's ear.
a sinus infection

So, Anna is all drugged up, and she took a nap while I joined Katie, Noah and Lexi on the beach.

After digging a huge hole on the beach we went for a tired supper at long doggers, which offered a relaxed atmosphere, and a great video of professional surfing competitions.

Afterwards we went back on the beach for a little bit to let Lexi and Noah burn off more energy, and as always we finish up the day at Java Surf. As  you can see, Anna did feel better enough to join us for a little while.

Tomorrow is Discovery Cove, so its off to bed early!

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