Beach day

Lexi DolphinAfter yesterday we just took it real easy today. We had some Max and Porky's for lunch, did some shopping at the longboard surf shop, Surf Style, and the Shell Souvenir store. Then we swam at the beach for the rest of the day. Lexi got this most obnoxious and funny blow up Dolphin. it was great for Lexi to ride waves, because she could get above the waves and stay above them. She could ride them for 60/70 feet, about twice as far as the rest of us.

I still wasn't quite ready to think about going home, so those conversations were avoided for the most part, although we did make a checklist of things that we needed to do, or wanted to do, either today or tomorrow.

We had Bizarro's pizza and Java Surf's shaved ice for dinner. It's the best combination. After dinner, we found a geocache just north of our beach house. its a fun pasttime, and all the kids enjoy it.

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