Salty Kisses at Discovery Cove

Oh, Where to start?

Discovery cove is the focal point for our vacation in the preparation. We knew it would be a great experience for the children, and wonderfully nice for us.

The service level at Discovery Cove is on par with a cruise ship. Once you are in, all you need is your swimsuit. They provide towels, sunscreen, meals, snacks, snorkels, masks, ... you name it. This atmosphere changed my pace from busy busy, to slow and relaxed. It was so nice to simply go and do what we wanted.

We got up early, as we read online that they schedule the dolphin experience in the order of arrival, and we didn't want to be delayed by afternoon rain, so we were at the park by 7:50. We had our complimentary photo taken, got an individualized explanation of 'what's what' in the park, had a nice breakfast, put on our wetsuits, and by the time we were ready to swim, the pools were opened.

We started the day by feeding the stingrays in the Grand Reef. I didn't think I'd get a chance to do that with my children, without visiting Grand Cayman again. The ray's were not as 'personal' as in Grand Cayman, but for a lot of the younger park goers, that was a good thing.

While the Grand Reef has cold water, I could snorkel there all day. The fish are beautiful and the rays are so graceful. There was a shark tank with a window to the grand reef, so we could  look into the shark tank from the grand reef tank, and feel like they are swimming with us.

About an hour in, our dolphin experience time had come. It was so sweet to see the smiles on my kid's faces as Lester the dolphin pulled them back to our group one at a time. After all in our group had their dolphin swim, we got to meet Hurley, and feel the skin of a young dolphin. 

The dolphin experience was over too quickly, and we then moved on. There was a much warmer fresh water river experience where you go lazily through a winding river that we did next. We spent the rest of the day between these two tanks. During lunch it started to downpour, and lightning, so we spent a bit of time just relaxing under the provided shelter.

In the afternoon, again we swam with all the fish in the reef, and I think my favorite part was swimming just Katie and I around the reef while our kids played on their own in the reef or onshore.

On our way home we had Chili's in St. cloud, and almost as an afterthought, We watched the Melbourne Causeway fireworks show, and then put the kids to bed.

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