salty grapes

Today we got up late, had a nice breakfast at the beachside cafe. It was recommended to us  a week ago, but we never had a chance. Good food at a great price. I really liked the breakfast.

We then decided to go to the Bathtub Reef in Stuart Florida. It was a GREAT swimming area. The water near the shore is nearly HOT.  as you get a bit further out, it is cooler, but still warm.

We snorkeled around the reef for several hours while the tide came in. We found some great shells, and each of my kids learned how to use a snorkel. I swear that each of them would spend the entire day face down in the water if we gave them all snorkels.

Unfortunately a stormfront appeared from over land, and forced us to head towards home. The rain that tiny blip on the weather radar had was impressive. After a total downpour, my wife was outvoted and we went to iHop for dinner instead of crackerbarrel.

Now the kids are in bed after a long ride home, and we are settling in for a nice quiet evening and another moonlit walk on the beach.

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