Analysis: Cruise ship accident kills five

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The story starts off with a lead consisting of the what, where, why and a general who. The lead gives the reader a clear concise overview of the incident.

The first fact block states that none of the passengers were hurt, which is one of the first questions the reader probably wonders. The next paragraph talks about the crewmen being rescued, followed by the cruise line stating that the three injured did not suffer serious injuries. Then there is a little background info given about the ship docking followed by an explanation of how and why crewmen were killed and injured. The second to last paragraph states the ethnicities of the five killed and which hospital the injured were taken to. The final paragraph is the least important and states information about cancelled festivities.

The most important information that readers would be concerned about is located towards the beginning of the story. The paragraphs near the end have less importance or explain in more detail what was stated in the lead. Writing in this fashion is effective because you answer the reader's questions as they continue onto each paragraph. If you didn't state the most important facts and information at the beginning the reader would have lingering questions distracting them from the story. Lingering questions would eventually annoy and bore the reader, in which case they probably wouldn't finish the story.

The only thing I would have changed about the placement of paragraphs is where the how and why paragraph is located. This paragraph was placed sixth under the lead (out of nine paragraphs). Even though a brief piece of information about the why is given in the lead, I think the importance of this paragraph requires it to be further up in the story.

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