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Analysis: Daytona NASCAR race injures several fans

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A news story about a NASCAR crash on Saturday was updated on Sunday. The leads for each story were very different. The lead on the first day consisted of breaking news about the injured fans and totaled race car. The lead was very vivid and dramatic. The lead in the updated story is more mellow it starts with a statement saying the fence has been replaced in time for NASCAR's biggest race and then mentions that fans were killed the previous day. The fact that several fans were injured seems less important in the updated story, possibly because the newspaper is assuming that many people already know about the injuries.

The news in the first story has the basic and important facts. Information about the injured fans and their condition was in the first paragraph. The following paragraphs consisted of information about how the crash happened and damage to the car. The story concluded with quotes from spectators and officials. The updated story gives more detailed information on the reconstruction of the fence and information about the crash. Information about the injured fans is located in the middle of the story.

Therefore, what was considered most important and newsworthy in the first article became less important and a lot less newsworthy in the updated article. A lot of the information from the first article is the same in the updated article, but the updated article had information added to it. For example it has information about the reconstruction of the fence. The information in the updated article is more concise and gets rid of information that doesn't add anything to the article.

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