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Analysis: U.S. tourist found dead in Istanbul

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The New York Times uses the lead, "A Staten Island woman who failed to return home from a vacation alone in Turkey last month, setting off a frantic search by American and Turkish authorities, was found dead on Saturday, according to her family and the Turkish authorities".

The lead is very informative, it contains the who, what, where and when. The who and where are stated generally. The lead doesn't specifically say who or where, but it gives enough information to pull in the reader. The what is bluntly stated and the why is not located in the lead.

Even though the lead is informative, it is very wordy. The reporter could have written a more clear and concise lead. The part about the woman failing to return home form vacation could've been taken out and put in the second paragraph.

The generality of the who and where in the lead work well in the story. It gives context right away to the story, but not too much detail where the read gets lost. The fact that a woman from the U.S. was found dead in another country is enough information to keep the reader's attention; it's something that isn't a frequent occurrence.

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Kate: Nice work on the blog. Keep it up. GG

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