Convicted murderer back in custody and returned to Indiana

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A man from Indiana convicted of murder was put back in custody Saturday.

Steven Robbins, 44, was mistakenly released Wednesday from Cook County Jail in Chicago after Illinois officials lost paperwork directing them to return him to Indiana to continue serving his sentence, said The New York Times.

Robbins was convicted of muder in Indiana in 2004 and sentenced to 60 years in prison. He was brought to Chicago by Cook County deputies for a court appearance for a seperate case; a case that had been dismissed in 2007, said the Chicago Tribune. There is still confusion as to why Robbins had a court appearance for the old case when the case had already been dismissed five years ago.

Illinois officals found Robbins at a friends house about 60 miles away and put him back in custody Friday night. Officials were able to find him after knocking on Robbins' family and friend's doors asking for information regarding his location, said The New York Times.

The public was not informed of Robbins release until 24 hours later which has caused some controversy. Officials said this was due to the fact that they were trying to look in expected spots before Robbins realized they were looking for him, reported the Chicago Tribune.

The mistake of Robbins release is still being investigated to see where things went wrong. A spokesman for Cook County has apologized for the mistake, said the Chicago Tribune.

A smiliar issue occurred in 2009 at the same jail. A convicted sex offender from Mississippi serving a 30 year sentence was mistakenly released from Cook County Jail after charges were dropped against him in a seperate case, said the Chicago Tribune.

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