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Global warming issues and government involvement

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Global warming has become a larger problem over the years, and many U of M students believe the government plays a key role in tackling these problems.

Reports show that 2012 was the hottest year on record for more than a century, the Washington Post said. Date provides evidence that human actions are contributing to change in climate, the Washington Post said.


What is global warming? And what causes it?

Global warming is an increase in atmospheric and oceanic temperatures resulting in an increase of the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effects are greenhouse gases emitted by humans. Students believe emissions from fossil fuels and methane, along with over-consumption are the largest factors that negatively effect global warming. According to the National Geographic the major greenhouse gases are:

  • combustion of fossil fuels in cars, factories and electricity production

  • the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2)

  • methane released from landfills and agriculture


Who is ultimately responsible?

"Society as a whole is responsible, everyone contributes to it and nobody seems to really be trying to stop it," U of M student Violet Lane said. Students say a combination of the government and citizens are the most responsible for these actions. They believe citizens are responsible for running the factories, the farms, the landfills and many other things that contribute to global warming. However, the government is also responsible for enforcing policies that control factors effecting global warming, and they have the power to make big changes.


What should the government do?

Students believe that the government needs to find alternative energy sources, cut back on non-renewable sources, only allow production of hybrid cars and increase initiatives to reward eco-friendly products and services. "The government needs to form a committee to inform citizens what they can do to lower their CO2 and methanol admissions," U of M student Nicole Jensen said. The Public Policy of California shows that adults' ideas on what the government should do our similar to the students views.

"If climate change and depletion of resources continue, it will put citizens and the environment in a worse condition," U of M student Luke Lambert said.

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