Man disguised as police officer charged with buglary and false imprisonment

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A St. Paul man who disguised himself as a police officer was charged with burglary and false imprisonment Monday.

Morgan Wilson, 48, was arrested Saturday after handcuffing, assaulting and robbing multiple victims, said the Pioneer Press.

Wilson used his police disguise in three separate incidents. All incidents took place in the Summit University neighborhood, said the Pioneer Press.

The first incident took place Friday when Wilson knocked on a woman's door asking if her son was involved in a robbery. Wilson handcuffed the two men in the house, looked around and took off with a couple hundred dollars saying he was going to investigate if the money was stolen, reported the Star Tribune.

The second and third incidents took place Saturday. The second incident happened about two blocks from the first and involved two men standing outside when Wilson walked up identifying himself as police officer and demanding their IDs. When one of the men asked for his police ID Wilson grabbed him by his neck and the two men handed over their IDs. After briefly looking at the IDs Wilson handed them back and left, reported the Pioneer Press.

The third incident took place near the first two when Wilson knocked on a man's front door and demanded him to open the door. The man refused and called the police. When police arrived they tracked fresh footprints in the snow where they found Wilson nearby and arrested him, said the Star Tribune.

All victims identified Wilson as the disguised police officer, reported the Pioneer Press.

According to state records Wilson's has criminal records dated back to 1998. Charges consist of theft, burglary, fraud and forgery.

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