Massive snow storm hits Northeast

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Many Northeasterners woke up Saturday to massive amounts of snow, after a snow storm hit Friday leaving some dead.

At least five deaths have been blamed on the snow storm, The Miami Herald said. In addition, about 650,000 homes and businesses lost electricity, with some who's electricity won't be restored for days.

Milford, Conn. got hit the hardest with 38 inches of snow followed by Portland, Maine with 31.9 inches, breaking their 1979 record. Other heavily affected areas include: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York.

Along with the amount of snow being an issue there were winds up to 80 mph causing major drifts, The Washington Post said.

Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut issued travel bans to keep cars of the road. There were over 240 auto accidents and 90 motorists who were rescued in Connecticut, The Washington Post said.

Connecticut wasn't the only place were motorists were stranded; some Long Island motorists were stranded on highways overnight. Emergency workers used snowmobiles to reach stranded motorists because snowplows were getting stuck, The Washington Post said.

Unfortunately for those affected the snow storm didn't leave behind light fluffy snow, it left behind the wet heavy snow making it even harder to shovel.

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