U.S. woman found dead while vacationing in Istanbul

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A Staten Island Woman vacationing in Istanbul was found dead by Turkish officials Saturday.

Sarai Sierra, 33, was reported missing on Jan. 21 after never returning home from her trip to Istanbul. Sierra was supposed to go with a friend to Istanbul to practice photography, but her friend was unable to make the trip so Sierra decided to go alone, said The New York Times.

The state run Anatolian Agency reported that they found her body near the ruins of an old city wall in Istanbul, said the Chicago Tribune

Throughout the entire trip Sierra stayed in constant contact with her husband, children and father. Her family never got the sense that something was wrong until she didn't arrive home as scheduled, said The New York Times.

Sierra also regularly posted new photos from each travel on Instagram; her last post was on Jan. 20.

Officials are still investigating the incident, said the Chicago Tribune.

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