Water main ruptures in downtown St. Paul

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An underground water main in downtown St. Paul broke Friday night sending 1.75 million gallons of water onto the streets.

The 61-year-old water main broke on Wall Street, causing the city to advise residents not to drink tap water until it was tested, the Pioneer Press said.

By Saturday afternoon the city had changed the advisory to a boil-water advisory after finding no harmful chemicals, the Pioneer Press said. The city issued the boil-water advisory for safety, which would kill any harmful bacteria present in the water. The city also put tons of salt down to prevent dangerous ice from forming along the streets.

However, not only were residents affected, restaurants in the area were affected as well. Certain menu items weren't able to be served due to the advisory, the Star Tribune said.

Construction crews drilled into the ground on Wall Street to start replacing the pipe Saturday. The reason for the rupture is still undetermined, the Star Tribune said.

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