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Dental patients in Tulsa and Owasso waited in line at a health clinic Saturday after possible exposure to HIV and hepatitis, USA Today said.

Letters to 7,000 patients of Dr. W. Scott Harrington, an oral surgeon in Tulsa, were sent out advising them to get checked for HIV and hepatitis due to possible exposure from unsanitary practices, USA Today said.

The North Regional Health and Wellness Center tested for HIV and hepatitis B and C. 420 people were tested Saturday, and should receive their results within two weeks, CNN and USA Today said.

The state dentistry board filed a 17-count complaint against Dr. Harrington with a pending license revocation hearing. The board found reused needles, expired drugs, rusty instruments, improper use of instuments and dentist assistants administering sedatives to patients, USA Today said.

The dentistry board started its inspection after one of Harrington's patient tested positive for hepatitis C, CNN said.

Unlike other states who conduct random inspections of dentist offices, Oklahoma inspects only after a complaint is filed, CNN said.

Analysis: Obama's State of the Union Speech

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The article written by USA Today on Obama's State of the Union Speech has a similar format to what we discussed in class.

The lead contains the main point of Obama's speech; it states that to rebuild American prosperity a thriving middle class is needed. Obama's name is present in the lead because he is an important and known figure. The following paragraph contains a quote by Obama that supports his point about a thriving middle class. Since background knowledge on Obama isn't really necessary because most people know about him, the article continues with other points Obama made throughout his speech. The reporter gives background knowledge on some of the points he makes and uses quotes to support them. The article ends with the audience of the speech,.

The reporter goes beyond the event by providing background information on the topics that were discussed in Obama's speech. The reporter also gives examples of current events that are happening, which shows the importance and relevance of the points Obama makes. The story is also filed with several video clips from the speech to get across the serious tone of the speech. The video clips also allows the reporter to spend less time quoting and gives him or her more room to provide background information and a more simple translation of what Obama is saying.

Brooklyn teenager killed by New York Police

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Undercover officers shot and killed a 16-year-old boy in Brooklyn Saturday, after it appeared that he pointed a handgun at the officers, the Global Post said.

According to police, the undercover officers were patrolling in an unmarked car when they came upon a group of men and saw 16-year-old Kimani Gray separate himself from the crowd and adjust his waistband in a suspicious manner, The New York Times said.

Gray pointed .38 caliber revolver at the undercover officers as they got out of the car to question him, and both officers fired, hitting Gray, The New York Times said. Gray was pronounced dead at Kings County Hospital Center, The New York Times said.

Witnesses said they did not hear the undercover officers identify themselves, but they did hear them ask for Gray to show his hands, The New York Times and Global Post said.

A woman who identified herself has Gray's cousin said that Gray was attempting to pull up his pants, The New York Times said.

Gray did not fire the handgun, which was recovered at the scene, but it was loaded with four live rounds, The New York Times said.

Woodbury man charged with murder of 18-year-old girl

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A Woodbury man was charged with second-degree murder of an 18-year-old Saint Paul woman Friday.

Alberto Palmer,23, is accused with hitting Brittany Clardy in the head multiple times with a hammer, the Star Tribune said.

Palmer said he met Clardy on an online escort site, and met up for sex at his brother's home in Brooklyn Park, the Pioneer Press said. Palmer said they started to "tussle" and he choked her until she was unconscious, then hit her in the head multiple times with a hammer, the Star Tribune said. Palmer said he put the body in the backseat of her car, drove it to an apartment complex and returned back to the house to clean up, the Star Tribune said.

Clardy's mother reported her missing Feb. 12 and on Feb. 21 she was notified that their car had been towed to Columbia Heights lot, the Star Tribune said. St. Paul police found Clardy's body frozen in the backseat of the car covered by blankets, the Star Tribune said. The car had been towed on Feb. 13.

Investigators tracked Palmer from cell phone records, in which they determined he was the last one to contact Clardy's phone, the Star Tribune said.

Police documents show that they found what appeared to be blood soaked through several areas of the carpet at Palmer's brother's house, the Pioneer Press said.

Palmer is also wanted In Georgia on charges of assaulting three women that he met through online escort services, the Star Tribune said.

Clardy's parents said they weren't aware of her working as a prostitute, the Star Tribune said.

St. Paul man pleads guilty to killing his wife

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A St. Paul man pleaded guilty to pre-meditated first degree murder of his wife Friday.

Steven Johnson, 35, admitted to killing his wife, Mayna Johnson, and dismembering her body, the Pioneer Press said. Johnson was immediately sentenced to life in prison.

After Mayna Johnson told her husband that she was going to leave him and take their son, Steven Johnson went to the basement and took a few shots of vodka. Before returning upstairs he grabbed a loaded handgun, which he had stolen from Johnson's father, the Star Tribune said.

Johnson told his attorney that he grabbed the handgun to scare her, the Star Tribune said.

The couple continued to argue, and a few minutes later Johnson pulled the gun out and shot his wife in the temple, the Pioneer Press said. Johnson moved his wife into the bathroom and took their young son to Menards were he bought items to aid the cover-up of his wife's murder, the Pioneer Press said.

Johnson dismembered her body in their bathtub, put the pieces in garbage bags and stashed them in a friend's garage, which the friend had no knowledge of, the Star tribune said. Johnson admitted to his friend what he had done and the friend called the police, the Star Tribune said.

However, Johnson had gone through a series of actions of cover-ups, the Star Tribune said. He drove his wife's car to the park-and-ride lot and smashed her cell phone near the car to make it appear that she had been abducted, the Star Tribune said. He then reported his wife missing after co-workers texted him saying she never showed up to work, the Star Tribune said.

In exchange for Johnson's guilty plea the second-degree murder charge was dropped and the state agreed to not oppose attempts Johnson could make for early release after serving 30 years in prison, the Pioneer Press.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez dies

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Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez died Tuesday after battling cancer for two years, which left many Venezuelans upset.

The death of 58-year-old Chávez ended the President's 14 year rule.

Chávez had undergone four surgeries for his cancer, which was detected in 2011 in his pelvic area, the Chicago Tribune said. He disappeared from the public view in December after a surgery resulted in respiratory infections and other complications, the Chicago Tribune said.

Chávez was very popular among the poor population of Venezuela for using money from oil-financed policies to create free health care clinics in the slums and subsidized food, the Chicago Tribune said. Chávez supporters raided the streets in recognition and grievance in his death, the Chicago Tribune said.

During Chávez's presidency he undid the democratic political system, rewrote Venezuela's constitution, assailed U.S. influence and spread his form of socialism throughout Latin America, USA Today said.

Chávez's funeral will be held Friday, and seven days of mourning will take place, the Chicago Tribune said.

An election will be held within the next 30 days with expected runners Vice President Nicolas Maduro and Henrique Capriles, state governor who lost to Chávez in October, the Chicago Tribune said.

U.S. President Barack Obama said he was interested in starting new relations with Venezuela, the Chicago Tribune said.

Oberlin College in Ohio cancelled classes Monday after another hate-related incident disrupted the campus, the Star Tribune said.

The latest of a month-long series of hate-related crimes occurred after midnight Sunday when someone reported seeing a person dressed in a white robe and hood near the Afrikan Heritage House, The New York Times said.

Oberlin College, known for its strong prevalence of liberalism, convened for a campus wide meeting. President Marvin Krislov apologized to students who felt threatened by the incidents, The New York Times said. The meeting was also intended to inform students about groups that have been formed to put an end to these incidents, the Star Tribune said.

Some students at the meeting spoke out saying the administration was not doing enough to create a "safe and inclusive" environment, and only took action when urged by student activists, The New York Times said. However, many students praised the administration for the decision to hold the meeting, The New York Times said.

In the last month, racist, anti-Semitic and anti-gay messages have been found around campus, the Star Tribune said. Some of the incidents include slurs written on Black History Month posters and swastika drawings and "whites only" written above drinking fountains, The New York Times said.

It's not clear if the people involved in these incidents are students or from off-campus, the New York Times said.

Analysis: News organizations' multimedia options

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Both CNN and USA Today have good examples of multimedia options.

The CNN article is about Queen Elizabeth II being hospitalized. The story includes a gallery of pictures of the Queen in her younger days and her recent days. There are breaking news videos broadcast by CNN about the Queen's current condition, and there are links that you can click on and to get more information about her illness.

The USA Today article is about the man who died in a sinkhole in Florida. The story includes videos from authorities about the actions they are taking and another video where family and friends explain their feelings about the incident. There is a photo gallery, which contains pictures from the house affected by the sinkhole. The story also includes links to previous stories written by USA Today about the incident, and a map showing the location of the incident.

The multimedia within the stories allows the reader to interact with the story. The multimedia options also allow the reader to get information about the story in whichever way they choose; they can read the story, listen to the story or view pictures about the story. The multimedia also helps create a deeper impact on the reader, along with creating a more in-depth story.

The stories seem to contain an overview of the events, they answer the who, what, where, how and why. There usually is not much background information in the stories, which is why they put the multimedia options there. The writing is straight to the point containing mostly facts. The story by CNN is an important story because Queen Elizabeth II is a well-known figure and she is an older woman. The story by USA Today is a newsworthy story because the incident is not a common occurrence and it was not expected. Therefore, both stories have high news value and the multimedia enhances both stories.

A pregnant Brooklyn woman and her husband died Sunday after the livery cab they were riding in was hit by another vehicle, however their unborn child survived, the Las Vegas Sun said.

Their baby boy was delivered prematurely after his mother's death, and survived, The New York Times said.

Nachman and Raizy Glauber, both 21, and their driver were struck by a BMW in the Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn on their way to the hospital because Raizy Glauber was not feeling well, the Las Vegas Sun said. The driver and a passenger of the BMW fled the scene, and have not been found, The New York Times said.

Raizy Glauber was thrown from the car and landed under a parked trailer nearby, her husband was pinned in the car and emergency workers cut the roof off to get him out, the Las Vegas Sun said. Both were pronounced dead at hospitals from blunt-force trauma and the driver was in stable condition, the Las Vegas Sun said.

The couple's baby was listed in serious condition at Bellevue Hospital, a community leader told The New York Times.

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