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Analysis: News organizations' multimedia options

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Both CNN and USA Today have good examples of multimedia options.

The CNN article is about Queen Elizabeth II being hospitalized. The story includes a gallery of pictures of the Queen in her younger days and her recent days. There are breaking news videos broadcast by CNN about the Queen's current condition, and there are links that you can click on and to get more information about her illness.

The USA Today article is about the man who died in a sinkhole in Florida. The story includes videos from authorities about the actions they are taking and another video where family and friends explain their feelings about the incident. There is a photo gallery, which contains pictures from the house affected by the sinkhole. The story also includes links to previous stories written by USA Today about the incident, and a map showing the location of the incident.

The multimedia within the stories allows the reader to interact with the story. The multimedia options also allow the reader to get information about the story in whichever way they choose; they can read the story, listen to the story or view pictures about the story. The multimedia also helps create a deeper impact on the reader, along with creating a more in-depth story.

The stories seem to contain an overview of the events, they answer the who, what, where, how and why. There usually is not much background information in the stories, which is why they put the multimedia options there. The writing is straight to the point containing mostly facts. The story by CNN is an important story because Queen Elizabeth II is a well-known figure and she is an older woman. The story by USA Today is a newsworthy story because the incident is not a common occurrence and it was not expected. Therefore, both stories have high news value and the multimedia enhances both stories.

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