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Analysis: Obama's State of the Union Speech

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The article written by USA Today on Obama's State of the Union Speech has a similar format to what we discussed in class.

The lead contains the main point of Obama's speech; it states that to rebuild American prosperity a thriving middle class is needed. Obama's name is present in the lead because he is an important and known figure. The following paragraph contains a quote by Obama that supports his point about a thriving middle class. Since background knowledge on Obama isn't really necessary because most people know about him, the article continues with other points Obama made throughout his speech. The reporter gives background knowledge on some of the points he makes and uses quotes to support them. The article ends with the audience of the speech,.

The reporter goes beyond the event by providing background information on the topics that were discussed in Obama's speech. The reporter also gives examples of current events that are happening, which shows the importance and relevance of the points Obama makes. The story is also filed with several video clips from the speech to get across the serious tone of the speech. The video clips also allows the reporter to spend less time quoting and gives him or her more room to provide background information and a more simple translation of what Obama is saying.

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