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St. Paul man pleads guilty to killing his wife

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A St. Paul man pleaded guilty to pre-meditated first degree murder of his wife Friday.

Steven Johnson, 35, admitted to killing his wife, Mayna Johnson, and dismembering her body, the Pioneer Press said. Johnson was immediately sentenced to life in prison.

After Mayna Johnson told her husband that she was going to leave him and take their son, Steven Johnson went to the basement and took a few shots of vodka. Before returning upstairs he grabbed a loaded handgun, which he had stolen from Johnson's father, the Star Tribune said.

Johnson told his attorney that he grabbed the handgun to scare her, the Star Tribune said.

The couple continued to argue, and a few minutes later Johnson pulled the gun out and shot his wife in the temple, the Pioneer Press said. Johnson moved his wife into the bathroom and took their young son to Menards were he bought items to aid the cover-up of his wife's murder, the Pioneer Press said.

Johnson dismembered her body in their bathtub, put the pieces in garbage bags and stashed them in a friend's garage, which the friend had no knowledge of, the Star tribune said. Johnson admitted to his friend what he had done and the friend called the police, the Star Tribune said.

However, Johnson had gone through a series of actions of cover-ups, the Star Tribune said. He drove his wife's car to the park-and-ride lot and smashed her cell phone near the car to make it appear that she had been abducted, the Star Tribune said. He then reported his wife missing after co-workers texted him saying she never showed up to work, the Star Tribune said.

In exchange for Johnson's guilty plea the second-degree murder charge was dropped and the state agreed to not oppose attempts Johnson could make for early release after serving 30 years in prison, the Pioneer Press.

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