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Analysis: March unemployment falls, job creation disappoints

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In ABC's job report article different types of numbers can be found all throughout.

The numbers are used to describe the change in unemployment rate, how many jobs were added and average payroll gains. The numbers help explain the changes in unemployment, jobs and pay. The numbers help give the reader a better understanding and idea of the changes that have taken place over the last month. Seeing the numbers helps the reader visualize the impact of the number being described.

There are quite a bit of numbers within the entire story, but they are broken up nicely so they are not overwhelming. The numbers are brought in every few paragraphs and then described to the reader. There are also links within the story where you can click and get more information on a particular set of numbers and the information it's describing, which lessens the overwhelming of the numbers. The links also allow readers to choose what further information they want, if they want any at all.

The reporter crunched numbers in order to determine the unemployment change, the average payroll gains and the addition of jobs created. By crunching the numbers, the reporter makes it easier for the reader to read and understand. The sources of the numbers come from the Labor Department, Welch Consulting and TD Ameritrade.

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