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Building collapses in India killing and injuring many

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An eight story residential building under construction collapsed in India Thursday, killing and injuring many citizens.

The death toll has not been confirmed, as rescuers continued their search Friday. The New York Times reports at least 41 killed and 50 injured and ABC reports at least 62 killed and 70 injured. More than 20 people remain missing, and three floors have yet to be searched, ABC said.

The building collapsed in Mumbai due to illegal and bad construction, The New York Times said.

When the building collapsed between 100 and 150 were inside the building, ABC said. Many of the people who were inside the building were construction workers or residents who were living there as they worked on it, ABC said.

Local police officers have filed murder charges against the builders, who have not yet been found, The New York Times said.

Building collapses are common in India due to illegal and unsafe construction practices, The New York Times said.

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