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Russian Journalist dies, 5 years after brutal beating

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A Russian campaigning journalist, who became a symbol in Russia after a brutal beating, died Monday.

Mikhail Beketov died at age 55 from heart failure, The New York Times said.

After Beketov's campaign in 2008 against a highway project in Moscow, he was brutally beaten resulting in brain damage and the loss of one of his legs,The Washington Post said. He also was left unable to speak and was in a coma for several months, The Washington Post said.

Beketov was one of the first to raise concern about destruction of the Khimki forest and suspicions that local officials would profit from the highway construction project, The Washington Post said.

Shortly after Beketov brought attention to the concerns of the project, he found his dog dead on his doorstep and his car was set on fire The Washington Post said.

Police hardly investigated the crimes and ignored witnesses who offered information and surveillance videos that could have identified his attackers, The New York Time said.

Beketov used his own money to run the publication of Khimkinskaya Pravda, which circulated to about 10,000, The New York Times said.

Beketov became a hero among many and received several journalism prizes, The New York Times said.

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