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A Russian campaigning journalist, who became a symbol in Russia after a brutal beating, died Monday.

Mikhail Beketov died at age 55 from heart failure, The New York Times said.

After Beketov's campaign in 2008 against a highway project in Moscow, he was brutally beaten resulting in brain damage and the loss of one of his legs,The Washington Post said. He also was left unable to speak and was in a coma for several months, The Washington Post said.

Beketov was one of the first to raise concern about destruction of the Khimki forest and suspicions that local officials would profit from the highway construction project, The Washington Post said.

Shortly after Beketov brought attention to the concerns of the project, he found his dog dead on his doorstep and his car was set on fire The Washington Post said.

Police hardly investigated the crimes and ignored witnesses who offered information and surveillance videos that could have identified his attackers, The New York Time said.

Beketov used his own money to run the publication of Khimkinskaya Pravda, which circulated to about 10,000, The New York Times said.

Beketov became a hero among many and received several journalism prizes, The New York Times said.

Building collapses in India killing and injuring many

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An eight story residential building under construction collapsed in India Thursday, killing and injuring many citizens.

The death toll has not been confirmed, as rescuers continued their search Friday. The New York Times reports at least 41 killed and 50 injured and ABC reports at least 62 killed and 70 injured. More than 20 people remain missing, and three floors have yet to be searched, ABC said.

The building collapsed in Mumbai due to illegal and bad construction, The New York Times said.

When the building collapsed between 100 and 150 were inside the building, ABC said. Many of the people who were inside the building were construction workers or residents who were living there as they worked on it, ABC said.

Local police officers have filed murder charges against the builders, who have not yet been found, The New York Times said.

Building collapses are common in India due to illegal and unsafe construction practices, The New York Times said.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez dies

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Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez died Tuesday after battling cancer for two years, which left many Venezuelans upset.

The death of 58-year-old Chávez ended the President's 14 year rule.

Chávez had undergone four surgeries for his cancer, which was detected in 2011 in his pelvic area, the Chicago Tribune said. He disappeared from the public view in December after a surgery resulted in respiratory infections and other complications, the Chicago Tribune said.

Chávez was very popular among the poor population of Venezuela for using money from oil-financed policies to create free health care clinics in the slums and subsidized food, the Chicago Tribune said. Chávez supporters raided the streets in recognition and grievance in his death, the Chicago Tribune said.

During Chávez's presidency he undid the democratic political system, rewrote Venezuela's constitution, assailed U.S. influence and spread his form of socialism throughout Latin America, USA Today said.

Chávez's funeral will be held Friday, and seven days of mourning will take place, the Chicago Tribune said.

An election will be held within the next 30 days with expected runners Vice President Nicolas Maduro and Henrique Capriles, state governor who lost to Chávez in October, the Chicago Tribune said.

U.S. President Barack Obama said he was interested in starting new relations with Venezuela, the Chicago Tribune said.

Cuba's president announces his new term as his last

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Cuban President Raúl Castro announced Sunday that his new term would be his last, which will conclude in 2018.

Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez was selected as Castro's top vice president Sunday. His selection puts Díaz-Canel as front-runner of succession. Díaz-Canel, 52, is a former minister of higher education.

Sunday was the first time an expiration has been put on the Castro era, the Los Angeles Times said. Fidel Castro, Raúl Castro's brother, ruled from 1959 until 2006, when his brother took over. Fidel Castro even made a rare public appearance to hear his brother's speech.

However, President Castro's following announcement was more surprising. Castro says he hopes to establish term limits and age caps for political offices, The New York Times said. The political offices also include presidency, which is a surprise since a Castro has ruled for over a half a century.

Castro's selection of a younger vice president is the first time a younger generation has been in the front line of succession.

"The island is now a heartbeat away from being ruled by a person who did not fight in the revolution that brought the Communists to power," The New York Times said.

An estimated 53 deaths and 235 injuries were caused by an explosion of a car bomb in Damascus, the capital city of Syria Thursday.

The blast exploded near the downtown headquarters of the president's governing party and the Russian Embassy, the New York Times said. It wasn't clear if either of the buildings were targeted.

The victims were mostly pedestrians, schoolchildren and motorists, the Los Angeles Times said. The blast also damaged a nearby hospital and school, the Los Angeles Times said.

Outside experts believe the bombing was carried out by militant extremists among the rebels to show that the government's security is weak, the New York Times said.

This attack was one of the most deadly in Damascus since the rebellion began in March 2011, the Los Angeles Times said.

Witnesses told the New York Times that the explosion "shook the neighborhood like an earthquake," the New York Times said.

Cruise ship accident in Spain kills five

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Five crew members died during a lifeboat safety drill on a cruise ship in Spain Sunday.

During a safety drill a lifeboat that was being used fell 65 feet into a port in the Canary Islands after a supporting cable snapped, The Wall Street Journal said.

The lifeboat capsized trapping eight crew members underneath. After an alarm was sounded, the captain called for divers to rescue the crew members; in the accident five were killed and three were injured and taken to a hospital in La Palma, The Miami Herald said.

Thompson Cruises confirmed that the three injured aboard the Thompson Majesty ship were not badly hurt, The Wall Street Journal said.

British lawmakers voted in favor of a bill to legalize same-sex marriage Tuesday.

The House of Commons votes totaled to 400 votes in favor of the bill and 175 votes against the bill. British Prime Minister David Cameron advocated for the bill, however more than half the lawmakers in his party voted against or abstained it, The New York Times said.

Although the bill was passed by the House of Commons the House of Lords need to approve it before it becomes law. In addition, the bill only applies to England and Wales.

If the bill is approved by the House of Lords it will allow same-sex couples to get married in civil and religious ceremonies, as long as the religious institution agrees. It will also allow couples who are currently in civil partnerships to convert to marriage. The bill is expected to take effect in 2015, the Washington Post said.

Religious institutions that do not agree with same-sex marriages can opt out and they will be protected from legal claims. Although some religious institutions may agree to same-sex marriages, the Church of England continues to prohibit same-sex weddings, reports the Washington Post.

Helicopter crash kills Paraguayan presidential candidate

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A Paraguayan presidential candidate and two others were killed in a helicopter crash Sunday.

Presidential candidate Lino Oviedo, his bodyguard and pilot died in a helicopter crash after encountering bad weather. Oviedo was returning from a political rally, said the Miami Herald.

A citizen who lived near the area of the crash said they had heard an explosion and found the helicopter disintegrated, said the Washington Post.

Oviedo was running for leader of Paraguay's National Union of Ethical Citizens, the third-largest opposition party, said the Washington Post.

Oviedo had been an active member in the Paraguayan military. As a retired general and former army chief Oviedo was constantly involved in party politics and always trying to help control the nation, reports the Miami Herald.

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