Assignment 7;


Pugh Charts;

1; Hand warming Phone Case

2; Pond Mitts

3; Smooth Shovelin'

4; Wheel chair Seat Warmers

5; Melt Away Snow Blanket

Final Decisions;
I have decided to, based on the help of these Pugh charts, that I will take the Pond Mitts further and present them on Tuesday. I decided this based on the charts and the results I got. I'm not exactly sure if I did them 100% correct but I feel that taking this idea further I am actually making an impact. From assignment 6 and researching the amount of patents out there related to this product and not finding a product with these qualities that are intended for this purpose and looking at the Pugh chart and not having a whole like to compare it to makes me feel more confident that my idea of the the Pond Mitts will meet a demand and be considered an improvement!

Elevator Pitch;

Assignment 6;


Part 1; Marketable
I had a lot of trouble with my image files in Survey Monkey and so I resorted to a printed survey that I gave to people I randomly saw at the library, in McNeal Hall, applicable family members, and other people I saw that I feel fit the demographics for these products. I received 21 surveys. I asked the same questions regarding all 10 prospective products because I felt that would be easiest to get a feel for what people were thinking. I included a photo of each product and on that same sheet with the same 4 questions and extra room for feedback or comments. *I added more price ranges to the survey once it was printed - $30-$40, $40-$60, $60-$80, $80-$100, and 'more' and they were asked to write it in.* Each sheet looks the same it just has a different product pictured. I then asked them to rank the products, from 1 to 10, in the order of most realistic [or feasible] to least. An example of the first survey sheet;
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 10.05.42 PM.png
Products & results;
I will summarize the results that I received for each product along with how they were ranked out of 10. If you need a refresher regarding these products and their purpose refer to Assignment 5's blog post!

ELIMINATE 1.jpg7; people were half and half on who would buy this product and if they would have a use for this product or not when they answered. Although people answered those two questions that way 14 of the 21 people did said that they found the concept of this product useful! As price is concerned 19 out of the 21 people said that they would only pay between $10 and $15 dollars for this product. I received two comments on this product. The first talked about how the concept of the product - a baster - is associated with one specific use pretty much and that it isn't that useful for most people on a large scale but the concept of it being able to fold up and take up less space when it isn't being used is what is most useful about this current design. The second commenter said that they didn't think that anyone would buy it because it was too similar to the original baster. I sought out 6, my mom, grandma, neighbor, 3 people leaving a foods class in McNeal, people I felt would have a good idea of how this product already worked and if it would be useful or not etc.

HAND WARMING PHONE CASE.jpg1; 19 out of the 21 people said that they would have a use for this product but 17 people said that they found the concept useful, only 2 people who answered that they would have a use for this product answered this way. The same 19 people who indicated that they would have a use for this product also said the majority said that they would buy this product for $20 to $30 dollars. These results surprised me. 3 comments were left. "Great idea but not useful year round", "I feel like this would cost more to make than you would get for it", "How would you control the temp? It's a cool idea but I think it needs some refining." This is a relevant product concept to anyone who is in a cold or wintery climate so I didn't specifically try to seek out specific people exactly but I did notice a difference in the answers due to the age of the person who answered this specific product survey.

6; 14/21 people said they found the concept of this product useful but only 8/21 said that they would have a use for this product. 5/21 answered the price question, 3/21 said that they would buy it for $60 - $80 and 1/21 said $80 - $100 and the other 1/21 said they would pay 'more' and wrote '$110 - $130ish'. 7 comments were left total. 6 stated something about already having mittens and 2/6 went on to say that it would be useful if they had forgotten their mittens. 1/7 asked "How warm would these be? If they have to fold up into coat they would be pretty thin?" This is a relevant product concept to anyone who is in a cold or wintery climate so I didn't specifically try to seek out specific people.

2; 17/21 people said that the concept of this product is useful and 15/21 said that they would buy this product. Only 11/15 said that they would have a use for this product. 11/17 people said that they would purchase this product for $30 - $40 dollars but 6 of those 17 people said that they would pay $40 - $60 dollars for this product! There were 5 comments left regarding this product, 3 comments said that it would be a great gift for a son or family member, "How would you make the palms sticky but not super sticky where your gloves would be able to slide on your stick?", and "This is a good idea for Minnesota and Canada but hockey isn't that huge anywhere else". For this product I targeted people who played hockey and moms and dads because I felt they had a good idea of if this would be something they would use or buy for their child for pond hockey.

MELT AWAY SNOW BLANKET.jpg5; Everyone indicated that they would have a use for this product and 18/21 people marked that they thought that the concept of this product was useful but only 9/21 said that they would buy this product. The price was pretty split between $20 - $30 and $30 - $40. The 7 comments that were left all questioned how long these would last and their durability. 1 comment made a point that "the carpets would be heavy to move". This is a relevant product concept to anyone who is in a cold or wintery climate so I didn't specifically try to seek out specific people.

photo 10.JPG8; 6/21 people said that they would have a use for this product but 10/21 said that they found this concept of this product useful to them. 2 people said that they would purchase this product but said that they would only pay between $10 - $20 dollars for these protective plastic covers. There were numerous comments on this product. There were 2 constructive comments, "Would these covers be Eco-friendly?, and "Are you able to reuse these covers and how would you clean them?". This wasn't a product I felt was super feasible so I was not as worried as targeting specific people when I felt that I had other more promising products in the survey to concentrate on. I did give my dad this survey and he came up with this idea during our idea generation session and looking at his response to this product he was not one of the 6 people who said that he would have a use for this product but he did say that he found the concept useful but commented that it needed to be more developed.

photo 11.JPG
9; 1 people of the 21 said that they would have a use for this product and 11 people answered that they found that the concept is useful but no one said that they would buy this sanitizing machine. No one listed a price point for this product concept. I was a little surprised by these results because I think this idea could be very efficient and cut down on waste, but that's just me. 2 comments were left, "What kind of light would be used to sanitize?", and "Look expensive to make, how would you sell these?". My dad came up with this idea as well and it was one of his favorite ideas that he came up with and he wished that he could have put a little more thought into it.

RANDOM THOUGHT.jpg10; no one responded well to this quirky idea. 3 people said that they would have a use for this product and 6 people answered that they found the concept of this goofy baster useful but no one said that they would buy it. The 4 comments that were left were all concerned with the functionality and the clogging of the baster gun.

SMOOTH SHOVELIN'.jpg3; 12/21 people indicated that they would have a use for this product and 18 of the 21 people said that they found the concept of this ice resurfacer useful. 9/21 people answered that they would purchase this product. 6 said that they would pay $40 - $60 and the other 3 indicated that they would pay $60 - $80 for this product. 1 comment was left "How easy would it be able to use for kids?"

WHEEL CHAIR SEAT WARMER.jpg4; 2 of the 21 people surveyed said that they would have a use for this but 18/21 said that the concept of this product would be useful. The 2 people who answered that they would have a use for the product are the only 2 who responded saying that they would purchase this product and they indicated 'more' but only one listed a price point of $150 - $250. I received 9 comments that all just complimented the idea. For this product I tried my best to target older people but I didn't have much success so the 2 who answered so positively to the concept are the 2 elderly people that I was able to find. 1 being my grandma but the other being an anonymous man I saw on campus.

Part 2; Novel

Patent search;
1; 1,220 existing patent results for a 'cell phone case hand warmer' popped up.
2; There are no existing patent results for 'pond hockey mittens' or 'hockey mittens'.
3; 46 results popped up for a 'ice resurfacing shovel' but all of them are related to ice resurfacing and have little relation to my concept of this shovel.
4; There are 487 results for 'wheel chair seat warmer' patents.
5; There are 1,750 results for patents regarding all types of 'snow blankets' that use heat, anti-freeze, etc. but as I glanced through them I didn't see anything about salt.

Part 3; Feasible

1; A major concern that I have for this idea is controlling the temperature of the case whether it is in use or not. I wouldn't know where to begin to find a plastic to make this out of.
2; I am really excited about this potential product, I think it could really thrive. I am concerned with how to construct the top part of the mitten and what I would use as the gripping material on the palm of the hand.
3; The total construction of this idea is concerning to me because I would want it to be functional but not bulky or heavy.
4; Pricing out the heated wheel chair seat product is intimidating, as well as it's construction because I wouldn't know where to begin with materials.
5; Nothing really concerns me about this idea except for all of the patent results that I got when I searched it.

Assignment 5;

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Part 1; Manipulating ideas
With my sub theme of winter being Thanksgiving I decided to choose a turkey baster as my archetypical existing product because it relates relatively to both of my problem statements and is an essential in the process of cooking the most important of elements in the Thanksgiving meal!

Keiko, a chef, needs a way to be able to sanitarily use minimal utensils for multiple jobs in the kitchen because the amount of food dishes being made at one time all contain different substances.

Jake, a graduate student, needs to be able to check on and baste the turkey without leaving the comfort of his couch because football is important to males.

Substitute; Even though the product is considered just a baster it is always refereed to as a turkey baster. Changing the name changes the scope of conceptual uses for the product. So referring to it as the 'Pancake Plopper' changes the whole perspective of the user towards the baster and associates the product with pancakes now instead of turkey.

Combine; Remembering to baste the turkey throughout the long day of cooking between watching football, preparing the rest of the meal and tending to family members is a tough job. If you combine the turkey baster with a timer that has an alarm to notify you continuously of when you need to baste the turkey it will keep you right on schedule!

Adapt; Instead of having to continuously baste your turkey or meat having little pods that penetrate the meat and that are filled with contents to help keep meat from getting dry and to give it flavor. These pods could be kept intact throughout the cooking process and slowly infuse the meat while placed in high impact areas. My inspiration for this was the concept of the cupping massage technique where flames are used to get the air out of the cups and then quickly and strategically placed on the back. This process results in lifting of the skin and tissue due to the lack of air to relieve tension in the muscles.

Magnify; Due to the suction-like aspect of the baster sometimes you don't suck up as much as is desired so by adding a 2 way vacuum-like element to the squishy top part of the baster it will intensify the force of which you use to squeeze the the top of the baster to suck up the contents and then distribute the contents as desired - concentrated or sprinkled throughout, and to whatever intensity.

Put to other use; Since the turkey baster is really only prominently used in the kitchen and sees the most love only one day out of the year I figured why not make the concept of the baster more broad and interchangeable. You could sell the squishy top part alongside multiple interchangeable pieces that all allowed for different things within the kitchen. The suction-like aspect of the baster allows it to pick up the juices settling in the pan and redistribute them throughout the dish/turkey as desired. This concept could be used to dry washed lettuce, juice things like lemons, mix chocolate milk without a mess, create fancy displays of food, make meatballs, help to mix and stir dry and wet ingredients separately or together, and much more.

Eliminate; The baster is a very simple utensil already and to eliminate anything from its 2 part composition would render it useless. But, to be able to compact the baster for storage is important since it is somewhat of a kitchen necessity. The long plastic part and the squishy ball-like top piece are one piece and eventually folds up into the top piece to prevent clutter and to allow for effective storage in a drawer, cooking utensil holder, or cabinet. Resembles those silicone mixing bowls and measuring cups that fold up in increments when your aren't using them.

Reverse / Rearrange; Attaching a 2 way system, resembling a sprinkler, to the inside of your oven to aid in multiple cooking jobs like keeping meat from getting dry, being able to add a little bit of moisture to baked goods, taking in grease splatters, sucking up unwanted odors like when you clean your oven, dispersing water in case of a fire, etc.

Part 2; Break it down
I started out using TRIZ as my table-based tool to generate ideas regarding the baster but I didn't receive the type of results that I had wanted so I decided to resort to the morphological analysis tool instead. I chose this tool over the TILMAG matrix because I felt that since the baster has a simple composition and its average uses are limited the morphological analysis would be the best tool to use because it would provide for a more concrete concentration on connections between other concepts, products, etc.

Here are 2 products that I created from my matrix and a random thought I had while trying to connect the listed things;

As you scoop up the contents with the ladle and pour them onto the object you can rub it in and spread it around with the bristles at make up the outside of the ladle.

The concept of the funnel is turned upside down to make the connection of the knife aspect which allows you to spread the contents over a desired areas while you use the silicone top to suck in and squirt out the contents

As I tried to connect all of the things together the idea of this squirt gun baster came to mind. You pull down on the back lever which sucks in the contents and you pull the trigger to squirt out the contents!

Part 3; From the ground up
Going back and looking at ideas from my brainstorming session I found these few ideas which I felt would be the most feasible of ideas.

I find this idea to be feasible on the basis of gel nail machines where you paint the polish on and you hold your hands in the machine of UV light for a certain amount of seconds and you pull them out and the polish is hard. I think this would be a very easy and effective way to prevent contamination and would certainly cut down on mess and eco related issues with cleaners and waste like paper towels. Credit to Dave.
Thumbnail image for photo 11.JPG

This moisture locking bag would allow for heat to cook the turkey while keeping the meat from getting dry and allowing for the turkey to fully absorb the brine. This wasn't a highly rated idea during the brainstorming session but I found it to be one of the most logical in relation to feasibility related to Jake's HMW statement. Credit to Constance.
Thumbnail image for TURKEY BAG.jpg

This idea was generated by my dad and his inspiration was those toilet seat covers that you press the button and the plastic slides across the seat and keeps changing.
Thumbnail image for photo 10.JPG

Part 4; Clearly sketch and label

Since your feet and your head largely control the temperature for your body I designed a boot that had different levels of "warmth" liners so you could switch them out depending on how you are feeling throughout the day.

Since your hand as a whole gets cold when you pull your phone out of your pocket to text a hand warming phone case made out of warming technology would be perfect for communicating on those wintery days.

Explained above.

I am guilty of always loosing my mittens so having a sleek compartment in your coat to hide a pair of subtly attached mittens to the inners of the sleeves would be so convenient on days you're in a hurry and forget your gloves.

When you're playing pond hockey outdoors in the winter and you use your hockey gloves there is no real warming aspect to them which totally interferes with your game! Having mittens that protect your hand with a layer on top and are able to grip your stick or the ice if you fall are the perfect solution!

This is one of my favorite ideas that I came up with for this assignment because I feel like the baster is very seldom used and takes up space and this is a very innovative way of storage and altering it to make it more convenient.

This is the perfect solution to shoveling for older people or just lazy people. Just roll the ice infused blankets on your driveway and the snow dissolves instantly and prevents an icy encounter.




Assignment 4;


I chose to ask my mom [pink pen], dad [green pen], a roommate [black pen], a girl in my sorority [purple pen], and a friend [pencil] to participate in this brainstorming session. I held it in my sororities library because it has a big table where everyone would have an adequate amount of space and the it isn't filled with anything distracting. I thought that was important. I briefed each of them on what was going to happen when we met and what was going to be expected of them. They each came with a few ideas of their own relevant to the "how might we" statements and I had them share them with the group to get the juices flowing.

"How might we" statements;

Keiko, a chef, needs a way to be able to sanitarily use minimal utensils for multiple jobs in the kitchen because the amount of food dishes being made at one time all contain different substances.
How might we cook multiple dishes at once while using the least amount of utensils sanitarily?

Jake, a bus rider, needs to be able to check on and baste the turkey without leaving the comfort of his couch because football is important to males.
How might we check on and baste the Thanksgiving turkey without having to leave the couch?

Brainstorming session; When everyone arrived I had them play two improve games. First I had them play one that I came up with for the assignment and they had to go around and describe what kind of socks the person they chose would wear if socks could be anything. The second game I had them play was the improve game that we did in class where they pieced together a story as a group.

photo 1.JPG

For my brainstorming session I decided to utilize a different approach than we did in class. I gave them 20 minutes on each "how might we" statement and had them put their ideas in the center of the table when they were finished and if someone in the group was stumped they could pull from the pile in the middle of the table to help them and talking was not supported. I was surprised to find that no one grabbed from the pile in the center when they got stumped except for my friend, he was curious what everyone was coming up with. I then had them silently group the ideas, but they had trouble with the naming aspect of this request. After they attempted to group the ideas I gave everyone 8 votes - 4 for novelty [blue] and 4 for creativity [yellow].

photo 2.JPG

photo 4.JPG

photo 4(1).JPG

photo 5.JPG

Observations; My mom felt like she wasn't creative enough to be doing something like this and didn't contribute much. She had a lot of trouble thinking outside of the box and her ideas were more practical. My dad being the architect that he is had some really great ideas but he tried really hard to achieve perfection in his sketches which slowed him down I think. Thinking outside of the box and coming up with wonky and creative ideas was easiest for my roommate, the girl in my sorority, and my friend. This was somewhat surprising to me because I had asked my mom and dad to participate because I thought due to their experience and them both being creative people that this would be a piece of cake and they would generate some fabulous ideas but it was almost the opposite.

10 most novel product ideas [blue dots];
photo 6.JPG

photo 7.JPG

photo 8.JPG

photo 9.JPG

photo 10.JPG

photo 16.JPG

photo 17.JPG

photo 18.JPG

photo 19.JPG

photo 20.JPG

10 most creative ideas [yellow dots];
photo 11.JPG

photo 12.JPG

photo 13.JPG

photo 14.JPG

photo 15.JPG

Thumbnail image for photo 1.JPG

Thumbnail image for photo 2.JPG

Thumbnail image for photo 3.JPG

photo 4.JPG

photo 5.JPG

Assignment 3;


Goal; With the goal of assignment three being to find opportunities, needs, and latent needs, problems, or areas for improvement or change and my focus subcategory of winter being Thanksgiving I set out to discuss what my interviewees of choice consider Thanksgiving to be.

After looking at the first few pages of the IDEO Bootcamp Bootleg reading I found the pieces on 'interview preparation' and 'assuming a beginners mindset' to be very helpful in my preparation process for these interviews. It aided me in constructing my questions and kept me aware of leading questions and questions that contained assumption. By being conscious of this it allowed me to question everything which allowed me to more easily find patterns within my findings.
Thumbnail image for IDEO.png

Ask; I developed a set of five questions to ask, if applicable, to my selected interviewees. The interview was not limited to these questions. They were structured to allow for conversation in between but allowed me to stay on track moving towards correlated information.

  • Do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

  • What does Thanksgiving mean to you?

  • How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

  • What are some components to Thanksgiving that are important to your experience?

  • Would you consider Thanksgiving to be a stressful holiday or the opposite, and why?

I interviewed our sorority chef, a boy on the campus connector, and my supervisor at my internship. I found there to be a correlation between all three interviews. Each interviewee mentioned the same four sub themes within their interview - family, good food, making the food, and football. I have them recorded but dont know exactly how to upload the recordings, so here were some main points;

  • Having to baste the turkey

  • Preparing all of the food

  • Preparing food for a large group

  • Making sure the football game is visible

  • Cleaning up after the meal

  • Buying all of the groceries for the meal

  • Being "trapped" with all of your crazy relatives

  • Dirtying multiple dishes

  • Not having a utensil that you need

  • Forgetting an ingredient

Observe; Since Thanksgiving is still a couple weeks away I decided to go to Target and observe people in the holiday section and in the refrigerator section hanging out with the turkeys. As early as it is it surprised me how many people were already buying their turkeys. The holiday section was a little tougher to observe because it is mostly Christmas decor rather than Thanksgiving.
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for photo.JPG

Most of my findings revolved around food and the entirety of the Thanksgiving meal as well as family. Since I have never really helped with the preparation of the Thanksgiving meal I decided to help my mom try out a few recipes for this years Thanksgiving at our house. The amount of preparation she puts into this holiday is unreal. She hunts on Pinterest for new recipes constantly. I never realized the thought she puts into planning what she is going to make and her focus on the presentation of the specific food items is so particular. We experimented with a sour cream apple pie recipe and a new caramel roll recipe for breakfast on Thanksgiving morning!

Problem statements;
Keiko, a chef, needs a way to be able to sanitarily use minimal utensils for multiple jobs in the kitchen because the amount of food dishes being made at one time all contain different substances.

Jake, a bus rider, needs to be able to check on and baste the turkey without leaving the comfort of his couch because football is important to males.

Assignment 2;


Mind mapping;
Before I began my mind mapping on winter I watched an episode of "Whose Line is it Anyway?". ItIt's one of my favorite shows and I felt like it would help me the most with my idea generation for the cross products activity because it would get me in my element and ready to be creative with the result of 2 products.

Mind Map.jpg

Cross products;
I chose to use the cross products approach to coming up with my 10 silly products because I felt it would help me more to come up with objects to connect by chance rather than choosing two objects to connect by choice and trying to make it work. I felt that my result would be more creative this way. So after I created my mind map I shut my eyes and randomly placed my finger on the page twice to come up with the 2 products I would have to combine. I found this worked out well for me but was lacking a little bit in variety as well as accuracy at getting objects from my 3 sub-themes, which were snow, activities, and winter gear. I figured these 3 sub-themes of winter would produce the most creative results.

10 silly products;
Hotchocolatelips.jpgHot chocolate + chapped lips; "Hot Lips" is a lip chap that warms your lips while keeping them moisturized! It even tastes good!

Dashwarmers.jpgHand warmers + frosty windshields; "Dash Warmers" hand from your rear view mirror and prevent your windshield from fogging or frosting up to save you time in your morning routine.

Magicbeardmittens.jpgMittens + Beard; "Beard On" are magic beard growing mittens that you rub on your face to make your beard grow so it can keep you warm through the winter months. Watch out No Shave November!

Icecleaners.jpgZamboni + ice skates; "Frosty" is the ice skaters best friend! Attach this ice renewer to your ice skates and it will clear the ice of snow and refresh the surface using water.

Batterysweaters.jpgCar battery + sweater; "Winter Warm" says sweater weather doesn't discriminate! It keeps your car battery warm through the winter months to make sure it doesn't die on you.

Snowballmakerboots.jpgBoots + snowballs; the "Easy Step Snowball Maker" allows you to have snowballs ready at any time! Just simply chose to walk in the snow and the boots will make the snowballs for you.

Sleadstopper.jpgSleads + figure skates; the "Prod Stop Slead" allows you to make sure you remain stopped at the top of the hill so everyone can come along for the ride.

Shovelglove.jpgGloves + Shovels; "Easy Hands Shovel Glove" is a glove like covering for you shovel handle that allows you to more firmly grip the shovel while not having to worry about splinters or cold hands.

Snowcarpet.jpgBlanket + snow blower; "Melt Away Snow Carpet" is a convenient and effortless way to clear your driveway of snow. Just lay the carpet down and the salt infused material will melt away the snow in a minutes! It is Eco-friendly and comes in multiple sizes and colors.

Shovelmittens.jpgShovel + mittens; "Snow Fort Magic Mittens" are a great holiday gift for any child to aid in their snow fort building. These mittens allow for more efficient and effective digging and more fabulous snow creations!

Assignment 1;


Cookies are the gateway to any persons sweet tooth! Experimenting with the entire concept of the cookie was something I looked into when generating my ideas for the assignment, such as flavor, amount of ingredients, shape and form, conceiving the shape and form of the stereotypical cookie, and the process of frosting the cookie.

I used the recipe for innovation as my basis for the final product of this fabulous cookie;

  • 1 part novel
  • 1 part valuable
  • 1 part feasible

My original intention was to play off the concept of the "cookie cake" but make it more of the cookie and less of the cake. I decided to base my ingredients off of a Rice Krispy bar to use less ingredients than the standard cookie.


  • 6 cups of Rice Krispys
  • 3 tsp of butter
  • 1 bag of marshmallows
  • 3/4 bag of milk chocolate chips

Because it needed to be edible I figured it might as well taste good and I decided to show that less is more from the ingredients standpoint. This relates to the feasibility of the cookie in the sense that they can be replicated and with ease, which is valuable for people who do not particularly do well with baking. I added chocolate chips to half of the batch to offer variety because although our assignment was to reinvent the cookie I thought it was personally valuable to offer options.




The shape and form was experimented with by the use of a cupcake pan to create the shape as well as just free forming the cookies with spoons and allowing them to take a more random form.




My most evident application of novelty to this cookie was the fondant that I used as the decorative aspect. I used this approach to achieve frosting and decorating the cookie in a different way, it was definitely a completely different and less fun experience... and it did not taste the best. Due to this disappointment I scraped the idea mid process.



Take away thoughts
; I am very happy with the final product of this cookie. It embodies all of the three parts that I wanted, novel, valuable, and feasible. I do wish, however, that my original idea would have gone the way I had planned of doing a soft pretzel cookie with a Hershey Kiss on top with salt sprinkled over it to play off of the salty and sweet craving but in my trial run I couldn't get the dough to rise due to technical difficulties. Even though both trial and error processes were pretty sticky.. literally, it allowed me to implement a new process of thinking regarding the concept of innovation in a more concentrated way.

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