Assignment 1;


Cookies are the gateway to any persons sweet tooth! Experimenting with the entire concept of the cookie was something I looked into when generating my ideas for the assignment, such as flavor, amount of ingredients, shape and form, conceiving the shape and form of the stereotypical cookie, and the process of frosting the cookie.

I used the recipe for innovation as my basis for the final product of this fabulous cookie;

  • 1 part novel
  • 1 part valuable
  • 1 part feasible

My original intention was to play off the concept of the "cookie cake" but make it more of the cookie and less of the cake. I decided to base my ingredients off of a Rice Krispy bar to use less ingredients than the standard cookie.


  • 6 cups of Rice Krispys
  • 3 tsp of butter
  • 1 bag of marshmallows
  • 3/4 bag of milk chocolate chips

Because it needed to be edible I figured it might as well taste good and I decided to show that less is more from the ingredients standpoint. This relates to the feasibility of the cookie in the sense that they can be replicated and with ease, which is valuable for people who do not particularly do well with baking. I added chocolate chips to half of the batch to offer variety because although our assignment was to reinvent the cookie I thought it was personally valuable to offer options.




The shape and form was experimented with by the use of a cupcake pan to create the shape as well as just free forming the cookies with spoons and allowing them to take a more random form.




My most evident application of novelty to this cookie was the fondant that I used as the decorative aspect. I used this approach to achieve frosting and decorating the cookie in a different way, it was definitely a completely different and less fun experience... and it did not taste the best. Due to this disappointment I scraped the idea mid process.



Take away thoughts
; I am very happy with the final product of this cookie. It embodies all of the three parts that I wanted, novel, valuable, and feasible. I do wish, however, that my original idea would have gone the way I had planned of doing a soft pretzel cookie with a Hershey Kiss on top with salt sprinkled over it to play off of the salty and sweet craving but in my trial run I couldn't get the dough to rise due to technical difficulties. Even though both trial and error processes were pretty sticky.. literally, it allowed me to implement a new process of thinking regarding the concept of innovation in a more concentrated way.


First of all, yum. Rice Krispies are always delicious! I thought your process was very well put together. Not many people would have thought to actually break it down and incorporate novel, valuable, and feasible into their blog. I thought that was a very smart idea. I also thought you used your pictures very well, it really helps visual learners (like myself) actually see your process and understand it more clearly. I'm also glad that you mentioned your failure with the fondant, it shows that you were trying different ideas and documenting them. The only critique that I have is that your cookies seem very similar to Rice Krispie treats, and I don't know how "creatively" different they are, but I can't wait to try them!

Your cookies seem so yummy. I like that you used the concept of innovation when you were making your cookies. You also documented your mistake about how you went through the difficulty during the cooking process.

I would suggest that it might be more creative if you add one more ingredient that seems less typical to consumers, and it might be helpful if you provide a little more detail of the cooking process between images. Overall, I think your cookies fulfilled the concept of innovation that you mainly focused on for your cookies. A very good job and nice effort.

You took an idea that you thought would be interesting and tasty, tried it, and it didn't work, but you learned something from it. I like that instead of keeping on the same path (pretzel cookie idea), you completely changed your idea and switched to rice krispies. I think that it would have been cool to see some more less conventional ingredients added to the recipe, they would add to the novelty of the cookie as well as heighten the creativity of the cookie. When it comes to the decorative aspect, you could try cutting just shapes out and putting one small shape on each cookie, instead of wrapping the whole thing! Nice idea and great execution though, it was nice to see a play on rice krispies and a lot off attention to aesthetics!

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