Assignment 2;


Mind mapping;
Before I began my mind mapping on winter I watched an episode of "Whose Line is it Anyway?". ItIt's one of my favorite shows and I felt like it would help me the most with my idea generation for the cross products activity because it would get me in my element and ready to be creative with the result of 2 products.

Mind Map.jpg

Cross products;
I chose to use the cross products approach to coming up with my 10 silly products because I felt it would help me more to come up with objects to connect by chance rather than choosing two objects to connect by choice and trying to make it work. I felt that my result would be more creative this way. So after I created my mind map I shut my eyes and randomly placed my finger on the page twice to come up with the 2 products I would have to combine. I found this worked out well for me but was lacking a little bit in variety as well as accuracy at getting objects from my 3 sub-themes, which were snow, activities, and winter gear. I figured these 3 sub-themes of winter would produce the most creative results.

10 silly products;
Hotchocolatelips.jpgHot chocolate + chapped lips; "Hot Lips" is a lip chap that warms your lips while keeping them moisturized! It even tastes good!

Dashwarmers.jpgHand warmers + frosty windshields; "Dash Warmers" hand from your rear view mirror and prevent your windshield from fogging or frosting up to save you time in your morning routine.

Magicbeardmittens.jpgMittens + Beard; "Beard On" are magic beard growing mittens that you rub on your face to make your beard grow so it can keep you warm through the winter months. Watch out No Shave November!

Icecleaners.jpgZamboni + ice skates; "Frosty" is the ice skaters best friend! Attach this ice renewer to your ice skates and it will clear the ice of snow and refresh the surface using water.

Batterysweaters.jpgCar battery + sweater; "Winter Warm" says sweater weather doesn't discriminate! It keeps your car battery warm through the winter months to make sure it doesn't die on you.

Snowballmakerboots.jpgBoots + snowballs; the "Easy Step Snowball Maker" allows you to have snowballs ready at any time! Just simply chose to walk in the snow and the boots will make the snowballs for you.

Sleadstopper.jpgSleads + figure skates; the "Prod Stop Slead" allows you to make sure you remain stopped at the top of the hill so everyone can come along for the ride.

Shovelglove.jpgGloves + Shovels; "Easy Hands Shovel Glove" is a glove like covering for you shovel handle that allows you to more firmly grip the shovel while not having to worry about splinters or cold hands.

Snowcarpet.jpgBlanket + snow blower; "Melt Away Snow Carpet" is a convenient and effortless way to clear your driveway of snow. Just lay the carpet down and the salt infused material will melt away the snow in a minutes! It is Eco-friendly and comes in multiple sizes and colors.

Shovelmittens.jpgShovel + mittens; "Snow Fort Magic Mittens" are a great holiday gift for any child to aid in their snow fort building. These mittens allow for more efficient and effective digging and more fabulous snow creations!


You did a great job formatting your post, including clear, detailed sketches. I think your choice of using cross products to come up with ideas lead to fun and creative products. To add more variety, maybe you could have mixed one mind map item and one random item into an idea.

Your handwriting is a little tough to read in some sketches, but you added captions to each which makes up for some of the missed words. Maybe try scanning your sketches in next time so the viewer can focus on the sketch rather than the picture of a sketchbook as a whole.

As for your introduction, maybe you could have gone into more detail about how watching Whose Line helped you get in the right mood for making your mind map.

Hello, the layout of your post is very well done. The use of Italics for subtitles really help to make the beginning of each paragraph clear. The pictures used for the products are very clear, but the fact that each sheet of paper is angled because of being attached to the book and the map behind it are distracting at times. I also agree with the prior comment that using a random word + a winter word would have yielded some very interesting products.

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