Assignment 3;


Goal; With the goal of assignment three being to find opportunities, needs, and latent needs, problems, or areas for improvement or change and my focus subcategory of winter being Thanksgiving I set out to discuss what my interviewees of choice consider Thanksgiving to be.

After looking at the first few pages of the IDEO Bootcamp Bootleg reading I found the pieces on 'interview preparation' and 'assuming a beginners mindset' to be very helpful in my preparation process for these interviews. It aided me in constructing my questions and kept me aware of leading questions and questions that contained assumption. By being conscious of this it allowed me to question everything which allowed me to more easily find patterns within my findings.
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Ask; I developed a set of five questions to ask, if applicable, to my selected interviewees. The interview was not limited to these questions. They were structured to allow for conversation in between but allowed me to stay on track moving towards correlated information.

  • Do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

  • What does Thanksgiving mean to you?

  • How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

  • What are some components to Thanksgiving that are important to your experience?

  • Would you consider Thanksgiving to be a stressful holiday or the opposite, and why?

I interviewed our sorority chef, a boy on the campus connector, and my supervisor at my internship. I found there to be a correlation between all three interviews. Each interviewee mentioned the same four sub themes within their interview - family, good food, making the food, and football. I have them recorded but dont know exactly how to upload the recordings, so here were some main points;

  • Having to baste the turkey

  • Preparing all of the food

  • Preparing food for a large group

  • Making sure the football game is visible

  • Cleaning up after the meal

  • Buying all of the groceries for the meal

  • Being "trapped" with all of your crazy relatives

  • Dirtying multiple dishes

  • Not having a utensil that you need

  • Forgetting an ingredient

Observe; Since Thanksgiving is still a couple weeks away I decided to go to Target and observe people in the holiday section and in the refrigerator section hanging out with the turkeys. As early as it is it surprised me how many people were already buying their turkeys. The holiday section was a little tougher to observe because it is mostly Christmas decor rather than Thanksgiving.
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Most of my findings revolved around food and the entirety of the Thanksgiving meal as well as family. Since I have never really helped with the preparation of the Thanksgiving meal I decided to help my mom try out a few recipes for this years Thanksgiving at our house. The amount of preparation she puts into this holiday is unreal. She hunts on Pinterest for new recipes constantly. I never realized the thought she puts into planning what she is going to make and her focus on the presentation of the specific food items is so particular. We experimented with a sour cream apple pie recipe and a new caramel roll recipe for breakfast on Thanksgiving morning!

Problem statements;
Keiko, a chef, needs a way to be able to sanitarily use minimal utensils for multiple jobs in the kitchen because the amount of food dishes being made at one time all contain different substances.

Jake, a bus rider, needs to be able to check on and baste the turkey without leaving the comfort of his couch because football is important to males.


Hi Zoe,
I giggled very soon during my reading of your post because the pieces I took from IDEO Bootcamp Bootleg were exactly the same.

About your last question for the interview guideline, I can see that you tried to reduce the amount of leading be adding "or the opposite" after the stressful part. Perhaps it worked out fine, but maybe it would have been better to ask "What kind of feelings do you experience around Thanksgiving?".

About the main points you stated, I think it would have been nice to have just a little bit more context for each one. Perhaps adding a cause and/or a feeling to the statement. For instance "cleaning up after the meal"... was that enjoyable? frustrating?

For the experience part, I would have loved to see some pictures of the recipes you were trying.

Finally, I doubt Jake rides buses for a living :) Also, though I know very little about the football culture myself, I'm assuming that there are females that also think football is important, so I think adding "males" at the end is unnecessary and might potentially limit the search for solutions to the problem in the next assignment.

I really like the color that you use on your blog. It is eye pleasing and fairly neutral, in my opinion.
About your blog's content, I would say that it shows that you went carefully into each steps from reading the IDEO bootcamp to choosing interviewees, and observing. I imagine it would be hard to state the problem since the sub theme is kind of vague. Therefore, I think your statements are a little weak, compare to the sub theme that they should be related to. You might want to add their relation to Thanksgiving.
Also, your fifth question is not really open ended where it gives people choices and negative idea. You might want to change it to " How was your last Thanksgiving?" then add further question after, which will open to many other options.
Anyway, good post! Keep it up!


You appear to have addressed your topic pretty thoroughly. I agree with your approach of coming back to your questions as a means of staying on track. It is an excellent technique to use in these situations.

Your summary of the main points was a bit confusing in that it's not clear if those were points made in common by all respondents, or if you have ranked them by frequency with which they were mentioned at all. I mention this because having more information might provide more support for the items you have chosen to include in your problem statements, or explain why some have been excluded.

Your blog and entries are easy to read, plus you organize your entries well. The first of your problem statements is complete although I think it could be a bit more focused (through editing perhaps?). The second statement does resort to a bit of stereotyping in using Jake's being male in the because clause.

Keep up the good work. It's nice that the project is creating some time with your mom too.


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