Assignment 4;


I chose to ask my mom [pink pen], dad [green pen], a roommate [black pen], a girl in my sorority [purple pen], and a friend [pencil] to participate in this brainstorming session. I held it in my sororities library because it has a big table where everyone would have an adequate amount of space and the it isn't filled with anything distracting. I thought that was important. I briefed each of them on what was going to happen when we met and what was going to be expected of them. They each came with a few ideas of their own relevant to the "how might we" statements and I had them share them with the group to get the juices flowing.

"How might we" statements;

Keiko, a chef, needs a way to be able to sanitarily use minimal utensils for multiple jobs in the kitchen because the amount of food dishes being made at one time all contain different substances.
How might we cook multiple dishes at once while using the least amount of utensils sanitarily?

Jake, a bus rider, needs to be able to check on and baste the turkey without leaving the comfort of his couch because football is important to males.
How might we check on and baste the Thanksgiving turkey without having to leave the couch?

Brainstorming session; When everyone arrived I had them play two improve games. First I had them play one that I came up with for the assignment and they had to go around and describe what kind of socks the person they chose would wear if socks could be anything. The second game I had them play was the improve game that we did in class where they pieced together a story as a group.

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For my brainstorming session I decided to utilize a different approach than we did in class. I gave them 20 minutes on each "how might we" statement and had them put their ideas in the center of the table when they were finished and if someone in the group was stumped they could pull from the pile in the middle of the table to help them and talking was not supported. I was surprised to find that no one grabbed from the pile in the center when they got stumped except for my friend, he was curious what everyone was coming up with. I then had them silently group the ideas, but they had trouble with the naming aspect of this request. After they attempted to group the ideas I gave everyone 8 votes - 4 for novelty [blue] and 4 for creativity [yellow].

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Observations; My mom felt like she wasn't creative enough to be doing something like this and didn't contribute much. She had a lot of trouble thinking outside of the box and her ideas were more practical. My dad being the architect that he is had some really great ideas but he tried really hard to achieve perfection in his sketches which slowed him down I think. Thinking outside of the box and coming up with wonky and creative ideas was easiest for my roommate, the girl in my sorority, and my friend. This was somewhat surprising to me because I had asked my mom and dad to participate because I thought due to their experience and them both being creative people that this would be a piece of cake and they would generate some fabulous ideas but it was almost the opposite.

10 most novel product ideas [blue dots];
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10 most creative ideas [yellow dots];
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I'm curious with how your brainstorming session went. I did part silent and part sharing ideas. Unfortunately, I found that sharing ideas takes up a lot of time especially if you aren't clear about how brief it has to be, on the other side from your blog it appears that people suffer being too critical of their ideas if they don't get the chance to see what other people are working on. Perhaps if they saw how silly and crudely draw some of the other ideas were then they would be able to focus on the concept rather then line quality or practicality. I really enjoyed your blog because of how it compared to mine, and I think their is a sweet spot in the middle.

Overall great job on the presentation of the blog, pictures are easy to see and you have very clear problem statements. I think the addition of a persona was also a very good idea and helped members in your group get a better grasp of the problem. I would've liked you to describe the improv game a bit more and hear what people came up with as examples. Sounds like an interesting game. Also you could have put more descriptions under top ideas selected so that people reading understand all of them.

solid formatting and brainstorming!

I love how many ideas you posted, you certainly went above and beyond in that area. It was great to be able to see so much of what the different people came up with. Some of them could have benefited from additional explanation though, I feel, but they are very easy to read and the ones with written descriptions are quite easy to follow. There are a surprising number of really good ideas from this group! I also like that you had a decent age range. It seems that a lot of people just picked their best friends, but including your parents is a good idea. Even though you know them well, they are able to provide insight from a completely different generation with different experiences, and that can be extremely valuable information.

You did a nice job documenting your planning. It was nice to know which colors corresponded to which participants. Your "How Might We?" statements were very clean and refined. I think it would have been interesting to leave the word "utensils" out of the first statement. Your participants may have considered solutions unrelated to handheld utensils. Be sure to crop your taller pictures down to landscape orientation. Also include the name of each idea and its originator, as well as your group's ideas per minute per person. I found myself wondering how much cooking experience your participants have. You did an excellent job analyzing their backgrounds compared with the ideas they produced, but it would be interesting to factor in their experience related to the prompt.

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