Assignment 7;


Pugh Charts;

1; Hand warming Phone Case

2; Pond Mitts

3; Smooth Shovelin'

4; Wheel chair Seat Warmers

5; Melt Away Snow Blanket

Final Decisions;
I have decided to, based on the help of these Pugh charts, that I will take the Pond Mitts further and present them on Tuesday. I decided this based on the charts and the results I got. I'm not exactly sure if I did them 100% correct but I feel that taking this idea further I am actually making an impact. From assignment 6 and researching the amount of patents out there related to this product and not finding a product with these qualities that are intended for this purpose and looking at the Pugh chart and not having a whole like to compare it to makes me feel more confident that my idea of the the Pond Mitts will meet a demand and be considered an improvement!

Elevator Pitch;


I think you more made HIT Matrices; a Pugh chart is when all the products are compared on one chart. But at least it seems like it helped you take a really close look at each of your products!
I'm also a little confused about what your product is just from this post because you don't have a pitch, but you did a good job with the pitch yesterday! The name does a pretty good job of getting the idea across.

Zoe, the Pond Mitts idea is interesting. Were these the Hockey Mittens from week 6? Was your presentation the one that mentioned warming up the gloves like hockey skates? I was curious about that process.

Right, a Pugh Chart would compare Hand Warming Phone Case, Pond Mitts, Smooth Shovelin’, and
Wheel Chair Seat Warmers, and the Melt Away Snow Blanket.

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