Cheap Textbooks...Do They Exist?

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Well, another semester is beginning and of course that means that each course will require at least one textbooks and sometimes more. The problem I have with this is textbooks are expensive. If I bought every book that is both required and recommended by my professors, I would spend a boatload of money. I always hate it when a professor says a book is required, but then doesn't even use it (or not much). I'm like, "thanks for making us spend $125 on this book instead of just creating a hand out that would cost us $10".

Anyway, in my quest for cheap college textbooks, I've found a number of ways to save money. Instead of creating one really long blog post about this, maybe I'll break up each money saving idea for a separate post.

To start this one off, I'll let you in on one of the best ways to save money on all your new, used, and rental textbooks. I've found one of the best ways to save money is to check online bookstores. They have reduced overhead and that can translate into lower costs. I recommend checking both "big" online bookstores like Amazon & Half, but also smaller lesser known stores as well. Just because a store is big, doesn't mean they have the best prices.

I use to spend a lot of time searching for my college textbooks at quite a number of online stores. You have stores that sell used textbooks, others that sell new ones and stores that let you rent textbooks. It would take a ton of time to do a search at each of these stores for each book I needed. Finally I got smart and started using a price comparison site, which makes it quick and easy. I use to find cheap textbooks because they were started by students at the University of Minnesota and I want to support them. Their site states that they, "compare millions of prices of textbooks" in order to get students the best deals. I know it's saved me a ton of money by using them and also saved me huge amounts of time. I also see they have mobile apps (android & iphone/ipad) to allow you to do the same things on the fly.

Ok, well I think that's enough for now. I'll post another money saving tip later.

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