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covrering vice pres. debate

Star Tribune
The article that was done on the 3rd of Oct. Reading it made me feel like the debate was more layed back. I didn't get to watch it, but it sounded like Palin was trying to crack some jokes, to ease up the tension between the two candidates. For example, the article said that she asked Biden if she could call him Joe. Otherwise it said that Biden tried using his fire on McCain more so than using it on Palin.
Also, it made Palin look good...saying she did better speaking in this debate than she has on other interviews
Reading MPR, it sounded like the debate was more heated...It says that Palin stood her ground while being scrutnized by the "experienced" Biden. It mentions that Palin's polls have been dropping as people question her readiness. As well as the star tribune, it was mentioned that Palin was using some laid back not promising language. For example like betchya, and gonna rather... People question this