Long Surveys.

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Recently, I was given a small, business-card-sized piece of paper with information about a current survey going on. Because I'm in this class, I thought, "Hey why not? I'll help them out." So I logged into the survey and started, but the survey never ended! It was a series of long, open-ended questions about the dining services at the U of M.

Long, Open-Ended Questions.png

I think that my responses were definitely affected by the length of the survey, and when I hit the 10 minute mark I just exited out of the window. I was so exasperated by the length and amount of open-ended questions, I just quit. Clearly, the questions need to be more stream-lined. The length of the survey needs to be cut-down drastically. If the survey absolutely needs to be that long, put the lengthy questions towards the beginning so it gets easier as you go along! I think this brings a lot of light to what makes a "good" survey and what makes a survey unbearable.

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