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imgres.jpgAccording to an article published by the Harvard School of Education, students have been getting a hands-on experience in a year apprenticeship in research resulting great student responses. Comments have been so positive that the course is in its third year. Students come into the class with varied research background, but novices are welcome. The course is so interactive and experience-based that almost all students feel a new-found respect for research and many continue onto careers in research.

I think this article is so interesting because of the brutal honesty. Blake Noel, previously a Chicago teacher now researcher, seems to state it best - "They are having us learn by doing," Noel says. "I would argue it's much better than listening to someone else talk about doing it."

Research can come off bland or boring, but doing research is actually one of the most interesting and intriguing of all career paths. Discovering trends in demographics and social structures brings so much growth to our world, our clients, and our consumers.

Let's keep moving towards experience-based learning!

Check out the full article here!

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