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While attempting to understand my own group research proposal better, I stumbled upon this YouTube video that was extremely helpful in understanding research proposals. It was made by a Dr. Sam Fiala who teaches psychology at Texas A&M. I am interested in the purpose of research proposals as well as the requirements and expectations from other sources and fields.

The basic ideas are similar, however there are some slight variations. His introduction and ours are extremely similar, although the core organization and the necessity of a hypothesis are a bit different. However, I think the lack of hypothesis deals mainly with the difference in fields of study. In regards to the organization, he suggests Method as a strong category with subsets of design, sample, materials, and procedures. This is similar to ours, but not entirely. Our strong category includes the entire study with subsets of method, purpose, sample, procedure, ethics, and planned data analysis. His data analysis differs from ours because it is considered another strong category, however it covers the same information.

The only thing that Dr. Fiala asks of his students that we are not required is a discussion section. In this section, students are expected to restate the hypothesis, the limitations of the study and conclusions, and potential implications of the results. I believe that because of the differences in fields, this section would be repetitive and unnecessary for our purposes.

It's interesting to see the way that research spans across so many platforms!

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