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After hearing the research news project about new research methods, specifically about the applications for smartphones, I became interested in the types of research apps are currently available. I stumbled upon a new kind of survey - called droidSURVEY www.droidsurvey.png

This new app, which runs completely offline, allows researchers to administer an electronic survey that saves and analyzes results. With this new app, researchers now have the freedom to travel to target markets for target demographics! How cool is that?!

Surveys are designed online beforehand and administered based on the researchers methods. Perhaps a researcher would target every 5th person who leaves a Target at 4 different locations to compare results? This application gives the researcher freedom while helping to tally results quickly.

The application also can track and chart results immediately. Perhaps a researcher is low on a certain demographic for their survey; they are now able to seek that out. Say a researcher needs more males 50+, this is information he would have at his finger tips while out in the field. This simple app would save him time and money!

The last cool thing about droidSURVEY is it's ability to run on multiple smartphones or tablets at once. Research could be conducted and tallied over the span of one evening! Consider our prior situation with Target - there's four target locations and every 5th person leaving Target will be asked to participate. Imagine how much more quick and efficient droidSURVEY would be! All four locations could be calculated in one night using multiple devices administering the same survey at the same time period.

Finally, get back to work, download the results to your computer, and analyze with the comfort and convenience of your computer and usual software.

Check out droidSURVEY - looks like a Win-Win situation to me!

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