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I recently came across a fun website called Swagbucks! It's a website that works with companies to promote products, conduct surveys, and lead to other research work. Involvement with Swagbucks is rewarded by accumulation of "Swagbucks," which are earned through participation through the various activities presented to members. Here's a few examples:

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Activities can range from 1 or 2 Swagbucks for watching a promotional video to 10 Swagbucks for playing an online game and into the hundreds for purchasing items from associated companies. This is a cool way to engage research participants.

The more I look at research and research techniques, the more I realize that research needs to become more interactive - just like other mediums. Research needs to engage consumers through interesting content, interesting methods, and clearly defined questions.

This is it. I'm signing off. My last blog post - it's bittersweet. Thanks for reading everybody - I hope you learned as much about research as I did through this process! :)

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